Dekho Indian Life-Isshtyle in Animated GIFs – 9 Desi Cultural Glimpses That Will Never Turn Old

India is the land of diverse cultural unity, which speaks of its vast intermix of races, traditions, religions and the living habit of the people – all belonging to a civilization that speaks of a history 4,500 years old. Today India has a population scaling over 1.2 billion people, making it the nation with the second largest population after China and hence makes itso distinct for having a biodiversity of human race that coexists with each other in communal harmony.

indian style animated gif

A country’s culture is largely influenced by the manner in which the society functions, thus building up its individual identity. The culture grows only when the country grows as a whole and therefore, is subject to constant change with the passage of time.

“…culture is no longer fixed, if it ever was., said Cristina De Rossi (anthropologist, Barnet and South gate College in London) when she spoke of the cultural posterity that a society is always consigned to.

However, probably that is what sets India so apart from the rest!

Every Indian is proud to boast of it sever-evolving rich diversity. Nevertheless, the unity and simplicity with which Indians have managed to maintain a balance between constant evolution and traditional retention is what is worth admirable to watch out.

But leave aside the festival and the heritage that you might have thought to be the key element in today’s discussion. You see, in my personal opinion to understand a country’s culture one does not need to get into one’s boots to explore the list of places, religions, festivals, architecture and a list of other things penned down to define a nation’s culture. To explore a nation’s culture watch out for the smallest daily chores of people beside you at any point of the day and you may discover a lifestyle that defines a society’s culture.

We are, at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviors, beliefs, rituals.”

– Randa Abdel – Fattah

Some cultures perish,

Some co-exist with modernism,

Some evolve,

But some are meant to be everlasting…

And thanks to Dippyaman Nath, we have successfully been able to put up some of the most beautiful illustrations in Animated GIFs of the Indian lifestyle as portrayed by the artist. Indeed! How could one keep out some of these common glimpses from the social framework when we talk about India’s culture? Embedded deep within the community as a whole, these traditions and behaviors are some of the everlasting moments that will never cease to exit from our Indian Isshtyle for sure.

9 Key Framed Glimpses of the Indian Lifestyle That Defines Our Indian Culture

#1 The Eternal Hari Kirtan Chanter

Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

indian hare raha hare krishna gif

Whether you are an atheist or a theist, this is one of those religious spectacle that every Indian is bound to recognize anytime, anywhere.Shaved glossily bald and dressed in the patent religious attire with the white ‘tilak’ stretching across the forehead and the nose to form a series of horizontal and vertical streaks, is the common picture of a Krishna devotee fine tuning his enlightening song to match the beat of his dhola

#2 – The Balancing Rope walk by the Talented Acrobat Girl

Indian Rope Walk Animated

This is one of the traditional and most famous acrobat performances to watch on the streets of Mumbai. With a long pole in hand to balance and nothing more to hold on to, these talented antic professionals can put up a mesmerizing act on the road to show you what she can do that her spectacles are unable to. You don’t have to visit a circus to watch the gymnasts putting up a rope walk show. Watch these ordinary girls to believe what the common man can do.

#3 The Challenging Jam Packed Bus Ride

Indian Bus Ride Animated GIF

This is prevalent on any Indian street. Need a bus ride? There are plenty but do get ready to exercise holding your breath (and also balancing your body too) as you jump into one of our desi buses for a bumpy hell ride. Watch out for there are plenty of challenges ahead once you have boarded a bus. Seats are rare to find and you might have to travel throughout the journey standing, but keeping yourself well balanced might come in handy for the road surf as the bus driver takes you on a zigzag road rash all the way. Oh! By the way, do not miss the opportunity to watch the way our Indian men can play the dare devil’s trick as they travel hanging from the exit door. This might remind you of Daniel Craig’s James Bond or maybe Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible.But hey our desi bus drivers too deserve a praise here, you cannot miss the accelerated speed at which they can steer the wheel in swift motion just like Rajnikant’s Quick Gunn Murugan.Worth every penny of your journey to experience.

#4 The Shaolin Mastery of our Indian Lungi Barbers

Indian Barbers

They do not require any highly innovative technologies that most of our modern posh beauty parlors provide. All they need is a scissor, comb, shaving brush, razor and they are ready to become the ‘Billu Barber’ you need for the perfect hairdo.And what mastery and speed they bring to work with those instruments! A flick of those sharp thin blades across your hair and your beard, and you get the gentleman’s look. Cost? Minimal charges that make it priceless when compared to a hi-fi salon.

#5 The Precise Beam Balance Measurement Done By Shopkeepers

Indian Shopkeepers animated gif

Beam Balances were there even before the arrival of the departmental stores and until now shopkeepers maintain the tradition of beam balance measurement when selling. We all have seen the manner in which our Indian shopkeepers measure carefully the exact quantity of wheat or grain, to be careful enough to be precise with how much they sell as we buyers look on watching as the act takes place. Does this not remind anyone of Shylock’s famous lines from the Merchant of Venice – “ … nor cut thou less nor more/ But just a pound of flesh”?

Do not forget to notice the colorful sachets that hang down from the strings tied across the shop from where you can make a pick of your choice. Old ‘shopping’ is more fun indeed!

#6 The Lingering Adda That Indian Men Love So Much

Indian Chay adda animated gif

How to spend an adda? You have to learn it from our Indian men first. The term adda is usually meant to be a short 3-minute break but when speaking of a real Indian ishtyle adda, it is a break that is meant to linger from minutes to hours as conversation among the people proceed to become more engaging. Our Indian addas are as diverse as our rich culture and can range from the age-old political debate to the aftermath of a sports match. To find the best examples of an adda, visit the roadside tea stalls; the Indian ishtyle traditional cafeteria where people gather to sip a cup of hot tea while stirring up a light conversational adda.

#7 The Evening Arati Puja of the Bengali Parivar

Aarti in India

This is a ritual practiced daily in the Hindu household especially by the Bengali families. A tulsiis considered a holy plant and is regarded as the consort of Lord Vishnu. According to the tradition, many Hindu families have a tulsi plant growing in front of their household, which they worship in the evening. The tulsi is considered to symbolize prosperity and wealthy and is said to bring eternal self-satisfaction and internal peace to anyone worshipping it.A sacred symbol that it is for the Hindu household, the ‘Arati’ puja is a traditional symbol of the Indian culture that had passed down the ages from ancient to modern day civilization.

#8 The Road Show Political Party Rallies

Political Party RalliesFor any election campaign, our Indian political parties are always ready to hit the streets in a jeep with their representative, dressed prim and proper and adorned with a marigold garland as he joins his palms together in benign to seek your support. Do not miss out the person behind the shrieking voice who carries a mike to shout aloud, as he introduces you to their party representative and asks for your participation to help them emerge as winners at the end of the election. This is the most important part to watch, since this might provide you with a valid reason to decide whom to give your vote as our political parties engage in a competitive battle of reaching the highest decibel point.

#9 The Punctual Dabba Delivery System of the Dabba Wala

Indian Dabbawala

Rely on the dabbawala to deliver you freshly cooked homemade food straight from your house to your office on time.The dabba delivery system is a trait that has evolved over so many years to become an integral part of Mumbai’s culture now. Today there are 5000 dabbawalas out there, specialized to deliver nearly 200,000 lunch boxes per day. So, if you ever need someone to ferry your lunch box from home to your workplace, rely on the dabbawala. Everyone knows the dabbawala delivers on time!

Traditions don’t change and there are some lifestyles that will never die out from our Indian culture. After all, there is no other way to learn better about India than from our Bharatiyans.

Artist Dippyaman Nath, find him on Behance, created the above Animated GIFs that you just saw. This was his graduation animation project that popped out of his mind when his class was assigned to put up a 30 min duration show. “Everyone was making a film/tv fillers/ads… I thought why not make something which will never end until you close it, an infinite duration!”

Robin Davey, whose works he defines as pure ‘simplicity’, inspired him.

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