Five Things To Do Before You Take Yourself On The London Pub Crawl

Going to a bar or a pub for the very first time can be quite overwhelming for some. That is the reason you need to know what all you should do before you go on a pub crawl. The thing to keep in mind is that you might know people out there or you might not know a soul. Therefore, be prepared to introduce yourself and make new friends. If you not comfortable in this kind of scenario, then take a friend or your group of friends along. Then, if you want you can forge ahead and make new friends or else just stick to your set of well-known friends.

A pub is an entirely different kind of place

When you go to a pub or bar you need to be sure that you are going to a place that is bound to be thrilling and exciting. At the same time, it also has a lot of loud music playing and sometimes is hard pressed for space. At the same time on the London Pub Crawl you will discover the most grooviest and foot tapping music that will want you to get swaying. Moreover, you will find that out here you will get a variety of special drinks and food that you might not get elsewhere. So, do not drink or eat much during the day if you are taking yourself to the Shoreditch Bars. When you ask for the menu, you will notice the enormous amounts of cocktails and drinks that are on offer. This can seem quite daunting for a newcomer. So, you might want to familiarize yourself with the kinds of drinks, the ingredients that go in making them and how much of it you will be able to withstand. Armed with this kind of knowledge, you will certainly not be flummoxed at the London Pub Crawl.

Find out what is a tab

Sometimes most people, especially first time visitors to Shoreditch Bars, are not aware of what is a tab. This is to be able to hold your credit card and swipe it right at the end of the evening for the entire billing. This means that you are not swiping your credit card at every instance of buying yourself a drink or something to eat. The thing to be noted is that you should not forget your credit card at the end of the evening. Therefore, a good idea is to take change along with you and pay that way. This will help you to keep tabs on the drinks and your money.

How much should you tip…

Bartenders expect you to be generous with tips on the London Pub Crawl. Remember they are up late in the night so that you can have a fun evening. The usual amount that is expected as tips on the Shoreditch Bars crawl is at least 20% of the bill.

A designated driver or a drop back home

This is something that you must certainly plan ahead of your pub crawl so that you are sure to reach home safely. Lots of people make the mistake of not doing so and landing up in trouble later on. Decide who is going to be the designated driver for the evening and they will end up drinking less.

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