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Find below different trek plans in India including trekking price comparison between different trekking agencies and companies.

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India is an epitome of diverse beauty. The country is not just a paradise of unparalleled experience but a crevice of hidden mysteries.

The Trans-Himalayan region is one such place full of hidden mysteries. Hiding in its store, the Trans-Himalayan region offers the most exhilarating and alluring trekking destinations to travelers. This features high-altitude Rocky Mountains and lush green valleys.  The Chadar Trek, Sandakphu Trek, Roopkund Trek and Panchachulli Trek are notably some of the popular trekking destinations where adventure enthusiasts of different grade levels visit every year. And there are many other names worth exploring out.

These destinations feature a plethora of trekking options – both easy and moderate. Such that there is always an opportunity for every trekker (beginner or expert) to experience the ultimate thrills that nature has to offer. Planning a vacation in India? What else to know when you book a ticket to India –

Trekking Highlights in India

  • Scenic Splendors –Admire nature’s work of art in every twist and turn of your journey. Apart from discovering the snow clad mountain peaks, the journey will take you through milky-white streams, hanging glaciers, stunning waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and gurgling rivers. Apart from these natural wonders, you will find yourself amidst the Himalayan civilization in quaint high-altitude villages. Catch rare glimpses of the Himalayan flora and fauna as you walk across multi-hued alpine flower beds. With so much to see here, going on a mountain trek to India is bound to leave you spellbound and asking for more.
  • Unmatched Challenges – Trek across the Himalayan trails is not like a daily strolls. You will face many spine-chilling challenges that will put your capability to test. Be prepared to maneuver your journey through steep and narrow ridges, deep gorges, chilled gurgling rivers and streams, dangerous moraines and even glacial beds.
  • Diverse Culture – Himalayan treks are best known for the diverse experience that adventure seekers get. This also includes an opportunity to soak one’s spirit in different lifestyles and cultures.

While regions like Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kumaon and Garhwal offers an insight into the ancient Hindu culture, trekkers visiting Sikkim and Ladakh can immerse themselves into the rich heritage and art of Buddhism. Apart from this, the regional cuisine, festivals and lifestyle are some of the other distinctive features that will make your journey to Himalayan India worthwhile.

Type of Routes to Uncover

Trekking in India can sound daunting but sometimes, an escape from the mundane into the magical mountains can be awarding. Nature is at its best when you trek in India.

The adventure can be fun and thrilling. However, certain routes may tend to vary, from half-day jaunts to strenuous expeditions. In fact, on your way, you will get to discover many places that will still feel relatively unspoiled and wild.

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