Planning your next vacation? Well many a times, when people think of travel and booking an accommodation somewhere, Airbnb is the search site that tops the list of everyone’s choice.

Airbnb is an online holiday rental marketplace that allows travelers to list find and rent a vacation home of their choice. You can watch the video below, to learn more about Airbnb and about its services and maybe, book a rental accommodation in advance for your upcoming trip.

However, what do you do if you are unable to find a suitable place on Airbnb to crash down during your trip?

In that case, it’s always better to have a backup sorted out. Speaking of which, there are plenty of options you can think of. Here is a list that you can refer to if Airbnb fails to provide you with a favorite rental accommodation during your vacation.

Here are the 15 alternatives of Airbnb

#1 – Travelmob

TravelmobA social networking website that specializes in booking room rentals and accommodation, the Travelmob features more than 30,000 Asia-Pacific rental listings for a short term period.

Travelers searching for a rental house from Travelmob can either opt for an entire residence or book a common space. The choice is up to the user and Travelmob features a wide range of properties specific to one’s budget and style. Some of the rental listings that one can choose from Travelmob are – urban apartments, luxury villas, houseboats, shared spaces, tree houses or even a private island.

So what are you waiting for? Just download the app and get the best rental vacations across the entire Asia Pacific.

#2 – Homeaway

homeawayIf you are looking for some great deals and some amazing rental options during your trip, then it’s best to download the Homeaway app.

Homeaway has got over 1,000,000 vacation rental listings in across 190 countries. Booking a rental accommodation is just as easy as it is to search for one. All you will have to do is enter the details of your location and the date when you are reaching. And when you have finally got your ideal spot remember to book and pay.

Homeaway travel app offers the most comprehensive selection of rentals for groups and families. Infact, you can find accommodations like condos, cabins, castles, barns, villas, farm houses…cool huh? Sure is!

#3 – Cancelon

cancelonHave you ever reserved a hotel accommodation only to cancel it at the last moment? Yes, this is a common issue that many tend to come across. There is nothing wrong about it but the cost of a missed hotel stay is the one that adds to the bite.

Apart from non-refundable hotel reservations, sometimes, travelers also end up with a cancellation fees add-on that is equal to the nightly rate of a room. The Cancelon app allows travelers to transfer a reservation to someone else who is willing to go in his or her place.

Transferring a reservation is simple. You can go to Cancelon to book your reservation. If you find someone who is interested in it, then you transfer your reservation for a particular price. You can set your own price. If your reservation transfer is successful, then all you have to do is pay 10 percent of the transaction value to Cancelon as a fee. If no one is willing to book, you don’t lose anything. Cancelon does not charge any additional fee for listing.

Cancelon will ask the seller to change the name to that of the buyer’s. A confirmation email would be sent to the buyer along with the name changed. In case if anything goes wrong with the reservation process, then there’s no need to worry. Cancelon will refund the total amount paid by the buyer.

#4 – Couchsurfing

CouchsurfingThere are some experiences that money can’t buy and Couchsurfing is one such traveling app worth looking up to. Over 4 million travelers have already taken the Couchsurfing experience by now. So, what’s so special about Couchsurfing?

Members associated with couchsurfing, can offer their couches for free! It might not seem ideal if you have a leisure vacation in your mind. However, this could be the perfect getaway if you have some rough travel in your mind. With Couchsurfing, you can literally find a place to put your head on for the night. It’s fun, free and there’s a whole lot of cross-culture diversification that makes the experience adventurous. So try Couchsurfing for a change.

#5 – Onefinestay

onefinestayWhen you visit the website, you will come across this one-line caption – ‘Handmade Hospitality for Stays in the Finest Homes’. This highlights the reason why booking a reservation with OneFineStay promises to be different from the rest.

OneFineStay offers travelers with top shelf budgets, the option to book personal residences that fit the list of extraordinary. And to add to the appeal, the company also offers services like cleaning, high-thread count bedding supplies, and fancy-toiletry stocks. To add another cherry to the topping, guests get to use an iPhone that comes pre-loaded with various apps that give the user access to different local listings. For now, the offers of OneFineStay are limited to only four places – New York, London, Paris and Los Angeles. The company however, has plans to expand.

#6 – FlipKey

flipkeyThe features and functionalities of FlipKey is similar to that of Airbnb. It is a TripAdvisor company that offers travelers using the TripAdvisor platform, a powerful rental vacation experience like seamless browsing and booking.

Searching for an accommodation is simple. Just visit the site and search for rentals based on your desired location and a specific date. The cost of your rent will depend on the type of accommodation that you get.

#7 – TravelZoo

travelzooIt’s the zoo of great deals and exciting discounts that most of you wait for during vacations. Here’s the bite – TravelZoo is an aggregator app that gathers information related to available discounts and deals directly from the original source.

The company then plots the information on the Google Map using handy clickable icons. In addition, TravelZoo has a lot to offer than just great hotel reservation options. You can even search for restaurant deals and other recreational activities happening around.

The main app of TravelZoo covers only the U.S. and Canada. The app also has International versions for over a dozen countries.

#8 – Roomorama

roomoramaAs you continue reading, you must have already come to a realization that Airbnb has a lot of alternatives. So if you are looking for something similar to Airbnb service, then Roomorama is just another name that should be on your travel list.

Booking for an accommodation in a residential area is simple. All you will have to do is visit the website and sign in. After that, you are ready to search for the right accommodation.

#9 – Misterbnb

misterb&bMisterbnb is the gay version of Airbnb and is an ideal site to look up for gay travelers. You will find plenty of gay friendly hosts and you will not have to worry about explaining yourself to anyone. Misterbnb is all about finding the right place at the right price for people who want to travel with pride.

#10 – Wimdu

wimduWimdu can be a great option to look in to if you are focusing mainly on areas in and around Europe. A popular choice among European travelers, the travelling site has around 300,000 properties in across 100 countries around the globe. The prices are highly competitive and there are plenty of reviews to read first and then decide whether a particular rental place is suitable for you.

#11 – VRBO

vrboVRBO or Vacation Rentals by Owner is another next best option that you can try out. The company has more than a million rental properties to offer and has been in operation for more than 12 years. The thing that makes VRBO different is that they rent out vacation properties. It is a best option for those who are out on a family trip and who are looking forward to stay for a longer period of time.

#12 – Kid & Coe

kid & coeA great option for families looking for a homely environment. Kid&Coe offers travelers with amenities like backyards, playgrounds, playrooms and other things that make an ideal family vacation tour. One may even find lots of chalk boards and colorful teepees. Kid&Coe is a family focused travel service and is best for family travels.

#13 – Go With Oh

gowithohThe GoWith Oh team offers travelers with city apartments in across 24 European cities. The unique thing about the Go With Oh team is that they are highly focused when it comes to quality control. Every rental listed with GWO is visited by a member of the team. The other perks that travelers will discover with Go With Oh is that the company don’t charge any additional fees like a commission or any booking charges. They also have a lowest price guarantee, so if you find some other place that is comparatively cheaper than anywhere online, then GWO agrees to refund you double the difference for the apartments. Now that is something different to think about.

#14 – WorldEscape

worldescapeSearching for a rental place for vacation is a hell lot of freedom to enjoy. You not just search for your favorite destination by its price, property type; but also by the neighborhood, the number of bathrooms and the type of supplies that you are going to get during your stay. WorldEscape has some of the best and affordable rentals that you can think of. And what’ awesome is that each of the property are inspected by WorldEscape members before they are approved.

#15 – Vacation by Tzell

tzellHave you ever thought about choosing a vacation rental home that fits your lifestyle? With Vacation by Tzell, now you can. With tabs like ‘unique’ and ‘themes’, you can search for properties like private islands, historic estates and celebrity hot spots.

Now that’s a very long list! Have you decided yet which one to check out this time?

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