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Considering Maldives for your next trip?It is a beautiful multi-island nation known for the blue ocean, white beaches and clean air. The climate is also very pleasant and is ideal for various water sports activities like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water-skiing, and kite boarding.

But Maldives is also very expensive. It is a very popular topic that people frequently search online to figure out what makes Maldives such an expensive destination. Besides, Maldives is not an easy place to figure out. Here, every resort is situated on its own island and there are over 100 resorts scattered across the region.

It is very important that you pick the right place when it comes to Maldives Tour Packages. Because more or else all the packages come with exciting perks that will not let you return disappointed. However, when it comes to your budget and options, there are certain things that you need to consider. Here they are –

Luxury with Minimal Options

In Maldives, almost all the island resorts are four or five star rated. The water villas at nicer resorts may cost you around $1000 per night, while the top resorts might soar up to $2000 per night. You may look for room options on the beaches, however, the tax and service charges would cause the nightly rate to rise high.

Expensive food

Maldives is a remote archipelago of islands. Therefore nearly all food needs to be imported here, which is why you will find the food to be very expensive at resorts. Like for instance, a standard lunch could cost you around $60. There are many resorts that will offer dining options at nightly rates. However, these too can be very expensive because the average rate per person could be $200 per person.

Wi-fi comes with a Price

You might be usually accustomed to enjoying free wi-fi in a resort till now. But in Maldives, there are certain resorts that might charge you for so. Make sure that you ask about how much that would cost you. Wi-fi connection prices can reach upto 150 USD per week and 8/10 USD for every one or two hours. There are different pages for Wi-fi connection from where you can choose. Nevertheless, they are all very expensive.

Also, you need to check the extent of Wi-fi availability. Is it available in your room, public areas or just at the lobby, bars or just the main bar?

Watch out for Resort Situation and Prices before Snorkeling

When it comes to snorkeling, there are some resorts that are close to a nearby reef. There are other resorts that are not close by to any reef and are surrounded by blue lagoon. In such case, a snorkeling trip need to be booked.

While some resorts include it in their All Inclusive Formula or as a courtesy for their guests, others might charge you for it. Do check out the price list before you proceed to book.You might also be charged for the snorkeling equipment.


There are lots of awesome options that are available to tourists who are looking for the best holiday location here at Maldives. Even though planning a trip to Maldives could be tricky, it is totally worth it when you can choose the right package out of the many options you find.

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