Travel Fashion Tips: Awesome Black Nail Design Ideas When You Are Out Traveling

Whether you are going out for trekking or planning to set up a bonfire camp with your family and friends, nail art is something that will always accompany a girl no matter where she goes. It is like a girl’s best friend. A beautifully nail art work can always brighten up your day and help to create the positive vibes that you need to get the day going.

Of all the nail art colors, black is the most prominent. It is this one universal color loved by everyone and also adds to the style statement. The best thing about black is that it is easy to maintain. You do not have to worry much. With the right amount of coating and the perfect diagram, aahh the day is all about being.

Here’s a look into some of the black nail design ideas that every nail art lover would want to give a try –

1. Chevron Negative

The Chevron negative leaves behind a nice polished texture and a shiny surface with all the positive results. You can create this design using photo negatives and what you will get in the end are positive results and attractive nail arts.

2. Feather Weather

It’s the high-end nail art design that comes with a matt effect and a one nail white colored feather design. It looks bold and adventurous and is ideal for the girl who is out there in the woods or on a camp, ready to have the thrill.

3. Glitter Shimmer

No matter how dark your journey to the future is, all you need is a little bit of glitter power to keep you going ahead. So try out this glittery nail art and wear your shine all the way.

4. Chiffon Nails

Who said you cannot be all lady-like while you are out trekking? Being lady-like does not hinder your journey. You can try out this sexy nail art but make sure that you keep the length short for better functionality.


Nail art is fun. It is not restricted for those trekking or traveling. Rather, it can help to protect your nails from dirt and damage. Besides, adding a dose of black splash can boost up your mind making you feel all cheery. You also add swag to your style. In the end, all that is left to say is that black always rules.

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