Don’t Take Away My Sky! A Citizen’s Appeal From Kolkata

Once Lopamudra said (an eminent Bengali singer) “Dakche Akash / Dakche Batas” meaning, “the sky and air are calling”. In our Kolkata one can hear the call (depends on a person’s power of imagination) but can never reply back as there is no sky left here. Smartphone maniacs you have not noticed it.

Keep fiddling your fingers and allow your skies to be disappeared. Curious? Read the letter if you have enough time to go through the ancient way of expression.

A letter to defend my appeal for getting my sky back

Everyone Who are snatching my sky from me,

Don’t take me in a wrong way and stop imagining about false hidden political agenda behind my letter. This letter is meant for you. You whom I may have given my vote or may not. You whom I adore and appreciate or loathe or may ignore. I swear all of my emotions are venting from the bottom of my heart. But why all of you are busy flaunting yourselves and competing against each other like canines? And indulging in everything by taking away my blue or dark sky inch by inch , minute by minute.

Let me clarify the necessity of the letter. It is an open outburst of disturbed emotions, derived from noticing millions of sky getting eclipsed by the advertisements announcing your success. Don’t ever think I am jealous of your success. In fact I don’t have any problem with it as long as it is not blocking my share of the sky. I need it. I really mean it.

Forgive my audacity to tell you what is right or wrong. But again, I may have my contribution behind your success.Or if I don’t have, my community surely has. And I belong to the community of the Homo Sapiens. So answer me why cant I see the clear blue sky while listening to Shafqat Amanat Ali ? Why cant I ask for a shelter of uncontrollable tears to the sky thinking about the latest dip in my salary?

Now, you will say it is just a way to inform me that the promises have been kept. Or, better days are approaching. Or, join you or use you. It may be or should be. Still, I am not in support of gigantic facts and figures covering my shares of blue sky.

However, take my support behind the announcement of your new beneficiary projects. Those are required but not the tally sheets to claim present is better than the past.

You are not going to take my letter seriously. Right? At the end of the day I am nothing but a big mouth, small brain and most emaciated of the lot in terms of appearance.

Still you can do your stuffs in “Twitter” or “Facebook”. Those are perfect “mass meets class” segments. But, you are not listening to me. I know. So, what for are you waiting ? Stick those billboards. Cover the sky. I will find something new to feed my thoughts. Don’t worry about me. I know you will not.

Your disobedient citizen / service users.

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