Yeh Hai Kolkata Meri Dost – Meet and Greet the City of Chutzpah

The entire nation might go gaga over the word “Chutzpah” after Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider, but we Bengalis are born practitioner of the word. Before starting the article find out the actually meaning of Chutzpah, according to Wikipedia here it is –

chutzpah meaning

Yes, only we have the audacity to enjoy a lyadh-ful afternoon (Extreme Laziness) before the sunrise of utmost serious works. Time passes from the era of letter to Gmail, sms to WhatsApp, Mandakini to Sunny Leone (oops!! can’t find a better word to underline the transformation); we the Bengali tribe will remain the premier institutions of Chutzpah practice. So, paying a tribute to the spirit, allow this post owner to elaborate in detail the results of his exploration, bringing forth some of the heaviest dose of demonstration of how Chutzpah is a fellow Kolkatan’s companion.

Brrring in some heavy metal please for the background score…Ok here we go –

#1 – Auto Drivers

kolkata auto
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Congested roads? Narrow passages? Don’t worry!! Just surrender yourselves to our brave heart auto drivers. One jaw dropping cross this side, an audacious turn within a blink of eye that side, the Bengali version of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are ready to rock and roll your life. Lewis Hamilton, WHO?

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#2 – Bus Conductors

kolkata bus
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Before every toughest assignment, I take inspiration from Kolkata’s bus conductors. Sounds lame? Then, you have never boarded a bus in the City of Bhoy ,err I mean Joy and never ever heard the hyperbolic screaming , “Khali Gari, Khali Gari” meaning, “there is plenty of room for you in the vehicle”. An enthusiastic peeping within and you feel uttering every single slang. Its more crowded than the expression “jam-packed”. Come on!!! Don’t feel insulted. Stand up, give yourself a silent clap, appreciate. That’s Chutzpah dear.

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#3 – Taxi Drivers

Kolkata taxi
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Dada, airport? Refused with banging door! , Dada, Howrah? Refused with chewing khaini!  Dada, Lake Mall? Refused with eerie smile! Pick any corner of the city and ask the yellow cabby to go there, chances are high to get back a negative response from the fellow driver. And do NOT get foxed by the “No Refusal” tag. App cabs are prowling on the road. The existence of the drivers of the black and yellow ambassadors is at stake. But, yellow cabbies are yet to get over from the old hangover. Boss, if this not Chutzpah , then the meaning of the word needs to be changed. But there are few taxi drivers who really concern about the city, meet Dhananjay Chakraborty, Kolkata’s first taxi driver to have come up with such an initiative like First Green Taxi Ride With Rooftop Garden

#4 – Netaji statue at Shyambazar Pach Matha Mor

shyambazar Subhas Chandra Bose Statue
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The pale greenish statue at North Kolkata is pointing high at…well, nowhere. He is considered as the leader of our first and last scientific battle against the mighty British force. Scattered success and longing for more. But suddenly, he disappeared. Years passed, the mystery got more fishy. This post owner has come across even weird posters like “Netaji’s reincarnation will save dammed India”. Don’t know about that but one thing I can say, amid all the circus going around him, he is still holding his head high. To me this is nothing but sheer Chutzpah.

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#5 – Metro Drivers and Commuters

Kolkata Metro
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The country’s first underground train service has become a ride similar to “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Thanks to the sudden halt in between the Gothic tunnel, Kolkata’s metro service is defying Science City’s 3D movie. Don’t you think city commuters and train drivers who are undertaking this journey literary with their lives are the biggest practitioner of Chutzpah? Claps for ourselves. Listen ,the announcement has begun again. The next station is…. I am just wondering, what is mine? Heaven or hell?

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