A Behalite’s Complaint: What Makes Behaal So ‘Behaal’ On Rainy Days?

Okay first of all, I am a Behalite and second, this is strictly an individual’s personal opinion and is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment. Having said that, it is equally high time, that someone should raise his/her concern and talk about Behala’s behaal condition.

Why do I suddenly bring this topic up? Because Monsoon has come and there has been many a time when I too had to taste a piece of this cake. My last commute across the long stretch of road was truly behaal. Seriously!!!

behala rainy day

What is it with Behala and Monsoon huh?

No wonder Behala is the only place that gets so many nouns and adjectives attached to it by people living in other parts of the city inorder to indicate Behala’s true condition! This is what Behala needs right now…little bit of clamors and concerns! For even the Gods have turned their deaf years towards we Behalites and we need to bring their attention back.

So, here we are … a list of 5 things that I feel deserves someone’s attention and needs to be looked into right now. Areyyyy…koi to suno yaarrr!

#1 – Pot Holes, Pot Holes Here And There

Potholes are common for the Kolkata streets but in Behala the number is alarmingly overrated. The roads probably get to see the dawn of proper maintenance once a year, compared to the regions in Saltlake where roads are maintained frequently even before the chip seal roads begin chiseling away. With Monsoon these potholes grow in size and become 10 times bigger in size. The result? You get a hell lot of bumpy rides and head butts through your journey.

#2 – The Traffic That Would Make You Cry

It would be better not to even speak about it, for even that would make me feel like crying. Nevertheless, the funniest thing about the Kolkata streets is that a drop of rainwater can leave the city’s traffic scurrying about here and there. Behala too has it. A drive at a stone’s throw could mean you would have to spend a minimum of one to two hours stuck in a jam for the Monsoon is here. Add to that, the potholes and you can have a ride that would surely make you want to reach home and pop in some Saridon. Escaping the congested road within minutes is like a total different story from outer space. Traffic during Monsoon is even worse.

rainy day condition in behala

#3- The Auto Dadas and Their Amazing Debating Spirit

Potholes and traffic would sound just fine when you come across Behala’s auto dadas and their unbeatable efficiency to win every debate against the fellow passengers. But it happens everywhere you would say. So what! I am telling you Behala’s Monsoon diaries and even our auto dadas deserve a special mention and their skilled debates that can range from being as simple as ‘changes’ to as complex as ‘halting at the right stoppage’. If anyone finds it too exhausting, especially this Monsoon; then don’t forget to have energy drink before you step out to tackle these big dadas in the area.

#4 – The Forever Anticipating Metro Station

We bid goodbye to the age-old tram ride and welcomed the modern idea of having a metro railways network instead. Work commenced and pillars were raised right from where the tram once strolled with our childhood memories inside. Now all I can see are pillars and pillars far far away, touching the sky while rain drops fall down on earth, but they say metro station is yet to come. Sigh!!! Looks like overcrowded buses and rush hour autos are still my best traveling wagons.

#5 – No Land for The Pedestrians But For The Hawkers

That’s right. There is no proper sidewalk for Behala’s pedestrians but little shops on both sides would invite your attention. So where do the pedestrians walk? The Answer – Down on the road where buses and autos rush away trying to take over each other in their own race. Yes, it is dangerous everyone knows. But then, it’s a sidewalk not meant for the pedestrians but for the hawkers.

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