Have You Thought About Travelling For Rehab? Here Are The Top 10 Most Popular Global Destinations

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Congratulations! You’ve taken a step in the right direction and have made the decision to begin rehab. While that part is probably one of the hardest parts of turning your life around, the road ahead is still filled with its fair share of challenges.

One of these challenges is choosing the best rehab clinic for you.

Any old rehab clinic will surely do the trick, no?

Actually, choosing the right rehab program for you can be crucial to your progress and recovery.

If you are not comfortable in your surroundings, you are not connecting with your mentors, or you do not feel you are receiving the support you need, your time in rehab will be even tougher than it should be, and may not produce the results you are aiming for. Environment is everything.

So you’ve searched and searched, and there are no programs close to home that feel right to you. Now what?

Have you ever considered travelling for rehab? There are so many types and styles of programs around the world; by heading a little further away from home you will have exponentially more options, and have a better chance of finding the center and program that are the best fit for you and your upcoming journey.

To give you a better idea of some of the options available to you, here are the top 10 most popular global destinations for rehab (in no particular order):

1. California, USA

2. Great Britain

3. Japan

4. British Columbia, Canada

5. Switzerland

6. Arizona, USA

7. Thailand

8. Spain

9. Netherlands

10. Hawaii, USA

Why Travel?

These destinations look much more like holiday destinations than rehab destinations, but there are obvious reasons why people choose to go on holidays in these places. They all offer something different, be it scenic, pristine rehabilitation in BC Canada or an Eastern flavor in Japan, each offers a unique environment and culture.

Everyone is different; we all have our own unique views on life, we have different likes and dislikes, and we each have our own idea of a dream destination.

Finding a rehab center that appeals to those aspects of your individuality can help you form a stronger connection with the program and the process, and help you build motivation and commitment. This may help you see rehab in a new light; rather than seeing it as something negative, or embarrassing, or forced, you can experience it in a way that appeals to you and engages you.


These worldwide locations offer a unique variety of locations, program styles, ideologies, and resources. This variety enables individuals to find the program that is best tailored to their needs and wants, giving them the best chance of coming through this journey successfully.

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