Weird Ma’nene Ritual in Indonesia With Dead Bodies

We all know about the Mummy of Egypt and the stories behind it are always a mystery to all of us. But you will be shocked and surprised to know about the Ma’nene Rituals in Toraja, Indonesia.

You may not believe it but this is true that the people of this small village clean & adorn the dead bodies every year on a particular day.

Ma’nene rituals in Indonesia

What is Ma’nene ritual in Indonesia?

In the ritual day the people of Toraja take out the dead body of their relatives from the burial ground. They clean & embellish it with care. But this is not the end. They cover the bodies with new dresses and traveled all the places of the village.

They celebrate the whole day with the dead bodies of their relatives after one year of the death. They usually take the bodies with new dresses at the same place where they died. After finishing some ritual events at there they come back to the burial place and buried them again as mummy with a special way.

Why this Ma’nene Ritual?

Though this is a weird ritual for the people of this World but the Toraja people believe, for this event their relatives are very happy and they feel better to find the loved ones around him even after their death.

Toraja people always have a fear in themselves that if they die outside their village it will be very difficult for their relatives to bring back the body. But recent days their mind has changed for better transformation system in Toraja village.

Watch the video of Ma’nene ritual in Indonesia with walking Mummy

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