Million Stories Behind These Eyes: 10 Stunning Images

These photographs were taken in various country by some of the finest photographers. These 10 images are showing amazing diversity within the human race. The eyes of these people telling thousand of words themselves, you may feel or understand the pain, sorrow, happiness into their eyes. I hope you will love these beautiful images.

#1. A Hamer tribe girl from Ethiopia

Hamer tribe girl from Ethiopia

#2. Look at these beautiful eyes

beautiful girl eyes

#3. Blind Albino Boys – This photo was taken in West Bengal, India in 2013 at a blind boarding school

blind school boys kolkata

#4. This young soldier crying before going to the war. He fed up with the old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in the battle field

young soldier crying

#5. This little girl survived 11 days in the Siberian Forest

girl survived in Siberian Forest

#6. A nomadic Suri tribe boy of Ethiopia with the traditional body & face paint

nomadic Suri tribe boy

#7. A coal miner face from China

coal miner from China

#8. A girl from Palestine with her Kalashnikov rifle

Palestinian girl with Kalashnikov rifle

#9. At the Iraqi Syrian border crossing in Fishkhabour, a girl from the minority Yazidi sect is taking a rest

girl from the minority Yazidi sect

#10. This photograph was taken by Asher Svidensky. An 18 years old IDF girl soldier after the battle end

IDF girl soldier


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