24 Pictures of Women Around The World That Show Beauty Is Everywhere

A 29 years old Photographer named, Mihaela Noroc from Romania decided one day to resign from her job and travel around the world. So far she has traveled 37 countries. Mihaela took her backpack and camera, photographed thousands of women in their natural culture. After a while she started a project called "The Atlas of Beauty". The theme of this project is the diversity of the world which has shown through her lens capturing women beauties around the world. After seeing these 31 photographs, you can definitely say that beauty is everywhere, we all beautiful as we are different and it is not a matter which cosmetics your are using or what size you are but it is about being yourself. You can connect with Mihaela Noroc to here social profiles for more information & support - Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram

1Maramures, Romania

2Baltic Sea, Finland

3Shiraz, Iran

4Tibetan Plateau, China


6Yangon, Myanmar

7El Paico, Chile

8Colca Valley, Peru

9Amazon Rainforest

10Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11Nasir al-Mulk, Iran

12Little India, Singapore

13Riga, Latvia

14New York, USA

15Havana, Cuba

16Medellin, Colombia

17Sydney, Australia

18Taskent, Uzbekistan

19Tbilisi, Georgia

20Otavalo, Ecuador

21Maori Marae, New Zealand

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