5 Indian Desserts You Should While Tripping to India

India is known as the continent of spices. But is it just limited to spices and condiments? Well, I personally do not think so. Indian desserts are equally amazing and delicious. They are simply mouth watering. They are irresistible. Have a look at these 5 Indian delicacies that you should try while tripping to India! Have a look at them. 

1. Magas or Magaz

A beautiful dessert originating from the state of Gujarat of the Indian continent is an amazingly beautiful dessert to try out. They are made from chickpea flour which acts as the main ingredient in the dessert. Generally, nutmeg powder as well as cardamom powder is also added for fragrance and taste. It is a traditional Indian sweet served as a dessert during weddings and other marriage ceremonies. Try them and you would fall in love with them.

Have a look at.


2. Rice Kheer

Kheer basically is a rice pudding. It is made by boiling rice, wheat, tapioca, milk and sugar. This is the most common Indian desert and loved by almost all Indians. Rice is an essential food for Indians and thus kheer is a preferred desert. Variable flavours can be added to this Indian rice pudding to give it a twisty taste. Rose flavour, saffron flavour, etc can be added to the kheer to make it more flavoured and delicious. Yum.
Have a look at this kheer.


3. Kulfi

Kulfi is an Indian frozen desert more popular as ‘Matka Kulfi’. Why Matka? Because traditionally Kulfis were made (and are still made) in pots or Matka. It can also be called as the Traditional Indian ice-cream with no preservatives and colours added. Isn’t this simply delicious? It is made with condensed milk, sugar, dry fruits. It is available and can be made using various flavours such as Rose, Saffron, Pistachio, etc. It can be made easily a home but traditionally made kulfis by experts are simply tasty.

Have a look at this delicious Indian Kulfi served beautifully.


4. Rabdi

Rabdi is a simply amusing desert. It is made from condensed milk and sugar. Yes, as simple as that. Although, time consuming to make; you would get the merriest taste when you make it yourself. It is made from condensed milk boiled at temperature and stirred continuously until a thick consistency of the milk is obtained. Dry fruits can be added apparently if you want to! Have a look at this mouth- watering Indian desert.


5. Gulab-jamun

Gulab-jamuns are spherical in shape. They are milk-solid based. Milk is the major ingredient. Although, it can also be made by using milk powder but traditionally it is made from ‘Khoya’ and Saffron. This dessert is simply irresistible and yummy. They are dipped into saturated sugary water to enhance the taste and softness. They can be called ‘brown dumplings’ dipped into sugary water. Have a look at them. They are yummy!


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