An alien land on our Earth? In Spiti Valley? Is it possible!? Well these same questions were coming into my mind when I was in that place. It is just unexplainable, out of the World which can only be compared with outer space planets like Mars. With unique rock structures, river lines, plains and loneliness makes this region like a land from outer World.

Spiti River landscape
Spiti River Flowing. Picture taken from an unknown land after crossing Chicham bridge
chicham to kiato village
Nature view from Chicham to Kiato Village

How we reached to this alien land of Spiti Valley?

Well it wouldn’t be possible if a bridge called Chicham was not there. This bridge was just completed in September 2017 and open for everyone who are coming from Kaza to Chandratal via Chicham village & Kiato Village enroute Kibber village.

Kibber Chicham Bridge
Kibber Chicham Bridge Towards Kiato Village

It connects two village Kibber and Chicham which are situated in two different mountains. This bridge has been announced as tallest bridge in Asia in terms of height. Chicham bridge is 120 meters tall and 150 meter high.

I have marked the places in the Google map and pointed with the number so you can identify which place is in the photograph listed below.

Chicham Bridge to Kiato Village Route Map
Chicham Bridge to Kiato Village Route Map details. Background Map Courtesy: Google Map
cylindrical rock in Spiti Valley
3. Cylindrical rock structure in Spiti Valley
Limestone Rocks in Spiti
2. Limestone Rocks in Spiti

limestone mountains in Spiti Valley
2. Limestone mountains in Spiti Valley

Our Journey

We started our journey on 30th September, 2017 through the northern motorable road from Kaza to Manali via Chandratal, passes through some spectacular scenery.

Spiti Valley mountain structure
1. Spiti Valley mountain structure in Alien Land
spiti alien land photo
1. Rock and Structures near Spiti River

We stopped for a while near the Chicham bridge and took few pictures and started again towards Kiato Village. As our car was rolling on, the route was revealing its pleasures. For the first 21 kms the road followed the right bank of the Spiti river, going on the flat valley floor. Finally we reached Hal village. From here a solid bridge over the Gyundi nala took us to a wilder terrain.

Suddenly the surrounding gorges and valleys took curious shapes and the slopes were colorful. This is the limestone area of Kiato.

Gyundi nala Spiti Valley
5. Gyundi nala Spiti Valley
Flat land near Kiato village road
6. Flat land near Kiato village road
Kiato Bridge Spiti Valley
7. Kiato Bridge on Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road, Spiti

After driving few more kilometers towards Kiato village we crossed a beautiful scenic place with a bridge which is suppose to called Kiato bridge. This bridge is connecting the Gramphu-Batal-Kaza road over the Spiti river.

The geography of the place

This place was the spectacular one. The rocky mountains of two sides of the river Spiti made us just spellbound. They look like giant fortress structures with spires, pinnacles and windows. Some of the structures look like cylindrical or pyramidical.

pyramidical rock and sands structure
4. Pyramidical rock and sands structure near Gyundi nala
Rock Structures in Spiti Valley
4. Rock Structures in Spiti Valley

As Spiti valley is strategically located in the trans-Himalayan niche, the region is surrounded by enormous mountain ranges and traversed by the main line of the Himalayas. Spiti is a land of fascinating contrasts, shocks of green alternating in a barren expanse of russet. You can find lots of variation in mountain structures at this place. The newly completed road into this barren land will surely make you feel like into the wild. We were just intoxicated with the beauty of this place.

This weird rocks and sand structures on mountains make this place different from the other places of Spiti Valley. As it was untouched it is still unknown land to most of the Indian travellers as well as the travellers around the World.

How we experienced

We stepped out from our car, saw and mesmerized, clicked lots of photos. In the meantime the music of a song, “Shine on you crazy diamond” of the band Pink Floyd was coming in the background from our car, and that made us hallucinate. I can still feel the essence of that place, the sound of the flowing Spiti river still echo in my ears. The landscape is so unique that you will definitely want to capture it in every steps.

Watch The Video Here

I have given the route map below for your reference:

If you are planning to go Spiti Valley next year do visit this place definitely. I can’t explain the beauty of this beautiful alien land by words any more. You have to go there and experience yourself.

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