Meet Fabien Who Living in a Car & Travel Around Countries: Watch His Travel Diary

Meet Fabien who is living in his car and travel around the countries. We spoke to him and asked him to share about his experience till now and here is what he said:

Hi, guys! My name is Fabien. I’m French. I’m a cook and a waiter. I worked in restaurants, fast foods and even on a military boat once. I always thought that traveling was too expensive. But one day I realize that I could sleep in my car to do that and save a lot of money. Therefore I put two mattresses in my car and I started to hit the road.

traveling only in carI did this road trip with my best friend Fanch Du guesclin : my ermine (cause traveling alone it’s a little sad.) We lived in our car for three months. We visited one place per day at least. Every night I parked the car in a new parking. I ate very cheap food to afford castles and museums tickets and it was totally worth it.

solo traveler fabien brouard

The first month we traveled in our region: the Brittany. It’s a beautiful but unfamous place. After that we traveled in the rest of France, we visited the castles of the Loire, the Normandie, and the south. I took a lot of pictures of my ermine in front of nice landscapes. I share them on a Facebook page. Our last journey was in Spain. I made a music vidéo about this last destination.

Fabien solo traveler

It’s a cover of Despacito but I changed the lyrics to talk about Spain. I made this video to share this amazing experience, to have fun and also to show how beautiful is Spain. I hope that people we like it. If it’s the case it can be the beginning of an awesome adventure. I hope that I will be able to do another video like that but for another country. Cause I think that every country deserves a song!

Watch My Travel Diary 

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