Indian Railway PNR Status

You have booked so many train tickets while traveling, but have you ever wondered what is actually a PNR number? Undoubtedly no. It is quite common because what else would you have to know apart from using it to confirm your ticket.  Not just ticket confirmation, the PNR status can also tell you about the waiting list, reservation, and many more. But what is the full form of the PNR?

What is PNR?

The PNR is a term that stands for Passenger Name Record. When you buy an RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation Queue), WL (Waitlist), Running status of the train, live train location, and a lot more. A PNR, when generated, will assign you a 10 digit number.

Ways of Checking Your PNR Status

There are three ways to check your PNR Status. These are as follows –

  • Online via PC/ Meramaal
  • SMS Service
  • Smartphone App

#1. Online via PC

You can visit the official Indian Railways website from where you can check the train running status. You can also use the alternative website as well, from where you can find excellent service details like –

  • Train list
  • Live train status
  • Online train status
  • Cancelled train information
  • Rescheduled train information
  • Train fare details
  • PNR status online
  • Train from and to information
  • Train availability
  • Train timetable
  • IRCTC ticket reservations
  • Super Fast and Passenger Train Information

But you can do more than just check train tickets or seats. You can also book food online and get it delivered to your place via the website. In addition, you can also get useful information to hotels, restaurants, tours, and travels, book a cab.

#2. SMS Service

You can also check your PNR status by sending SMS to the following phone numbers –

  • 10 digit PNR number to 139
  • 10 digit PNR number to 5676747

#3. Smartphone Apps

A lot of smartphone apps have also come up through which we can check the PNR status.

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