The holidays are arriving and you must have already started planning for your next travel trip from now. But the one reason that could end up spoiling all your excitement is ‘Expensive Flight Fares’.

Don’t worry! With this secret guide list, you can now find out which of these 20 best flight search engines would you choose for the cheapest airfares this time.

The Top 20 Flight Search Engines for the Cheapest Airfares

#1 – ITA Matrix

Finding the cheapest possible flight is no more difficult thanks to ITA Matrix handy calendar index. Just enter your preferred destination and the preferred length of stay to check all the lowest fares that are available for travelers.

Tweaking one’s flight at ITA Matrix can be an advantage with a huge difference. You can make huge savings by simply shifting your schedule by a day.

#2 – Skiplagged

Skiplagged is the search engine that lets you search not only for the cheapest airfares but also for throwaway tickets.

What’s a throwaway ticket anyway? Now suppose if you are travelling from New York to Chicago, it is generally going to be expensive. However, it will turn out to be much cheaper if you fly from New York to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago. That’s because very less people travel to Milwaukee. Instead of travelling to Milwaukee, you can exit the Chicago airport throwing away that leg of the ticket.

You might however, need to understand how to approach the search engine site. That’s because, in case of a throwaway flight, you should never buy a round trip. Skipping a leg of your trip will lead to cancellation of the rest of the itinerary. You would also not be able to check your luggage, since that will arrive at your actual destination and not at the throwaway city.

Nevertheless, Skiplagged can help you find some of the cheapest airfares to cities with major thoroughfare like Chicago, New York, London, etc.

#3 – The

Looking for some extremely good deals? Then Flight Deal is the place you should be right now. It is also known as the place of fat finger discounts and mistake fares that come for a limited time fix.

You would have to be prompt to grab it for mistake fares are usually not meant to be sold that way. They usually stay for a couple of hours, within which you would have to act. If not, you would end up losing it.

#4 – Skyscanner

There are some search engines that are known just for offering great deals. However, there is another kind of website that gives you information on not just one flight but of every flight in comparison pattern. That’s what Skyscanner is all about.

Skyscanner is an airfare search engine platform that looks up all the airlines and their budget carriers to identify the best deals that are available.

Once you have found your flight, you would be directly taken to the airline to book your ticket. You can also look up ticket prices for a particular date, month or year. Another great feature that Skyscanner sports is the ‘Everywhere and To’ option box. You can choose your destination from the point of origin and even leave the ‘To’ box blank if you want to.

#5 – Hipmunk

Here are some features that make Hipmunk a stunning search engine place for all the latest information about the cheapest airfares –

Sort your search easily by –

  • Duration
  • Price
  • Landing Time
  • Takeoff Time

You can also filter your search by –

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Number of stops

All these features make the search engine site a great place where you can compare all your flight fares and even the departure/arrival time before choosing one.

#6 – Kayak

Kayak gives travelers the scope to compare hundreds of sites through its fast, comprehensive and intuitive display.

When you are done searching for what you want, Kayak offers you various choices to book your flight.

You can filter your preferred choice, based on the date, month, price, nearby airports and others. You can also search for cheap flights by simply typing in your preferred date and destination.

#7 – Google Flights

Google Flights is one of the easiest ways to look for cheapest options. Thanks to their simple calendar display, from where travelers can choose the cheapest date to book a flight ticket.

#8 – Momondo

This is a global search site that finds you the cheapest airfares available, by checking into the leading travel sites online. This also includes low cost carriers.

When a person does a quick search, Momondo can provide information regarding the cheapest, quickest and the best airfares that are available. A user can refine one’s search using the typical filters and the fare alerts.

It’s a great site that you can check out. However, it might not be an ideal one for people wanting to play around with flexible dates.

#9 – JetRadar

A comparison search engine site, JetRadar allows users to compare airfare prices that are available at various airlines and travel agencies, with the aim of delivering the perfect deal.

Built upon a unique technology called the Jetradar Magic Fare, Jetradar can access information from a large flight database network that connects hundreds of airlines; both low cost and high cost. Now this is something that is not yet used by the other search engine sites.

In addition, Jetradar works with around 728 airlines that include Lufthansa, United Airlines, American Airlines and many others. It also has link to 200 online flight booking agencies that make online searches very quick and effective.

#10 – Holiday Pirates

Are you looking for last minute cheap flights or vacation packages? Then head straight to

This is one of those sites, where you can find different hotel, flight and package trips at best deals. They only publish deals that are of good value. So in that case, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about.

#11 – Secret Flying

With Secret flying, you can save up to 80 percent on flights around the world. All you have to do is, select your region and the destination of your departure and arrival. Secret Flying promises to bring you exciting deals that nobody knows about.

Here’s how you find one. You see, whenever there is a great deal available, which Secret Flying knows would excite you, it will immediately publish it on its website. Travellers visiting the website can just click on the clicks to book their suitable flight. It’s as simple as that. And don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe.

#12 – Priceline

Have you known about a search engine that lets you bid your own flight fare? Well, Priceline is the search engine.

Their bidding service enables travelers to save up to 40 percent off their flight costs for both single-stop and non-stop flights. You can narrow down your airline search by choosing the preferred date and return. Not only this, but travelers are provided with various airlines from where they can select their preferred departure and flight tickets. You can book your favorite flight and reserve your seat instantly from Priceline.

#13 – Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets provides travelers with tools that make online airfare purchase easier. You can start your search by filling in the required details. You can also narrow down your search based on the flight timing and the number of stops.

Another nice thing about the Cheap Tickets site is that, the platform saves all the recent searches so that when you can quickly look them up when you return.

Cheap tickets makes selection of cheap airfare tickets easier by listing the cheapest prices at the top of the results page. Each affordable rate is offered along with a matrix listing. Such tools become extremely useful when it comes to looking for cheap plane tickets online.

#14 – CheapOair

Though CheapOair does not support any mix and match carriers to find the best deals, travelers are offered plenty of other options that make locating the right flights easier.

You can look up for the right flight using the date and the time. You can also browse through the available options by region. The website has special pages that are dedicated to first-class flights, flights under $199, red-eye flights, etc.

If you are on a tight budget and want to save more, then consider signing up for the email newsletters. These newsletters come with member-only deals on any type of travel arrangements.

#15 – CheapAir

You may find any features that are similar to Cheap Tickets. The website saves all your previous searches and makes them readily available whenever you return. You can also use their filtering tools to look for flights that fit your budget and schedule.

You can also narrow down your research by choosing a specific airline of your choice. You would also be provided with options to choose from, such as the number of stops, amenities that would be included in the flight, the departure and the arrival time, etc. Choose your options and then proceed to complete your purchase.

The best thing about CheapAir is that it is a great place for budget conscious people. That means, incase if the flight price goes down in price after you have booked a ticket, you would be refunded.

#16 – Airfare Watch Dogs

Most of the flight fare information that you are likely to get, are simply auto generated. But not with Airfare Watch Dogs. That’s because, the most inclusive source of information on airfare deals are first researched and verified by experts. So rest assured, you know that you are getting a fair priced deal.

#1 7 – GetGoing

GetGoing is one another site that makes holiday travels exciting. The unique thing about GetGoing is that, it allows users to save up to 40 percent and that too for two destinations. The service is designed for all those cost conscious travelers who are rather flexible with their destinations. So booking your airfare is worth a shot from GetGoing.

#18 – Yapta

Yapta’s refund policy should make it every traveller’s favorite by now. If you are that traveler who books a ticket only to find that the fare prices have fallen the next day, then don’t spoil your mood. Yapta will refund your money back in that case and you would not be cheated.

#19 – Bing Travel

The one feature that makes Bing Travel stand out amidst the crowd is Bing’s Tip. The search engine platform can quickly tell you whether or not it is a good time to book your air ticket. For instance, if you are planning to fly from New York to San Diego and you want to check how much has the prices gone up, Bing Travel can quickly do that for you. With 80 percent confidence, Bing Travel can tell you how much have the prices gone up. Apart from this, you can also narrow down your search based on the airline, duration, airport location, flight quality, etc.

#20 – Adioso

Built for cost-conscious travelers who have flexible itinerary, Adioso’s search engine behaves a little more like a human brain.

For instance, you want to search whether there are any special offers available in the month of mid-July for flights flying from New York to Southeast Asia. You would be provided with results that give a good idea as to whether there are any flight fares that are available for cheap. If it meets with your requirement, you have made a deal.

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