We recently came back from Spiti Valley tour. It was 12 days long trip. The experience was out of the World. The road trip would never complete without stunning landscapes, beautiful villages, monasteries, astonishing night sky, deadliest landslides near Batal and the new bridge called Chicham.

First view of Chicham Bridge
First view of Chicham Bridge

The first view of Chicham Bridge

During our pre-research about the Spiti, we didn’t find anything about this bridge as it was newly built and unknown to most of the people. When we started our journey from Kaza to Chandratal Lake, we supposed to cross the village called Rangrik. But right now there is a new way to go Chandratal and that road is just beauty. The distance is quite short than the previous road as the bridge Chicham connect two villages Kibber and Chichum. Kibber used to be highest motorable village (4200m) until Komic village took the crown.

Chicham Bridge Entry point
Chicham Bridge Entry Point
chicham bridge travel blog
Travel over Chicham Bridge

Chicham History

As Chicham village is situated on the opposite slope of the mountain, across the Parilungbo Canyon. Previously it used to take 2-3 hours to reach Chicham village from Kibber. But 10 years ago the local people built a ropeway which has never collapsed. It’s a manual self-operated ropeway where you have to pull the rope on your own to reach the other side. Imagine something going wrong and nobody to help you around while one is still dangling 1100 meters high up in the sky above the gorge. The container on the pulley of the ropeway was being used to transport basically everything.

Kibber Chicham Bridge with prayer flags
Kibber Chicham Bridge
Chicham Bridge View from Top
Chicham Bridge View from Top
Kibber Chicham Bridge
Kibber Chicham Bridge Board

Chicham Bridge in Present Time

Now the bridge is open to all. Chicham has been declared as the highest bridge of Asia. This new suspension stiffened steel truss bridge coming up over the 1000 feet gorge and connecting Kibber with Chicham village over Samba Lamba Nallah on Kiato Chicham Kibber road.

View from Chicham Bridge
View from Chicham Bridge

It reduces the journey from Kibber to Lohsar by 40 kms and there won’t be any need to travel back to Kaza to continue your journey towards Lohsar – Kunzum Pass – Rohtang – Manali. Chicham bridge is 120 meters tall at the height. It took 15 years to complete this and the total cost was 10 crore rupees. In September 2017, it was inaugurated by the MLA Ravi Thakur.

  • Chicham Bridge Expenditure – Rs. 485.50 lacs
  • Chicham bridge Vent Height – 150 meters
  • Altitude – 13,596 Ft (4145 meters) above sea level.

We crossed the bridge and spend some time there. Took some photos, videos. We did a hyperlapse video over Chicham bridge.

Watch our Chicham Bridge Video here –

The Unknown Land after Chicham Bridge

The best part of our Spiti journey started just we crossed the bridge. We explored an unknown alien land towards Chandratal after Chicham village. Do you want to see what was that, why we are calling it as alien land, Read my recent blog: An Unknown Alien Land in Spiti Valley: Read, Go and Explore it.

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