River Village Manor Guest House – A Traveler’s Travelogue

It’s one of those pleasant evenings when strolling along the banks of the Siem Reap River feels so heavenly!

Plodding softly over the dewy moist bed, I playfully try to keep up with the meandering pace of the river. The afternoon showers have washed down the banks, leaving a layer of moist hanging like dew drops from the grass blades and the fresh earthy smell entering my nostril as I lower my head to smell the sweet weedy smell of the green grass.

Yes I am a nature lover and what better way to experience the beauties of nature than to be at the cradle of it all. On the banks of the Siem Reap river.

Sunflowers Siem Reap River

The river area is a pleasant place to be during the evening. It has a nice landscape, which is flocked by many families and tourists who are out to take a stroll just like me. Some of them are locals out to spend the evening with their families. There are other tourists as well, who are living just like me at a guest house nearby, which is about 20 minutes’ walk from the park.

Oh! I haven’t mentioned anything about the guest house yet. It’s one of the spectacular sight to behold standing on the banks of river. It’s called the River Village Manor Guest House Siem Reap.

On the first day of my visit here, I had chanced to see the guest house with balconies that overlooked the river Siem from my tuk-tuk that drove us from the airport. A white mansion like guest house it was at first sight. As we drew closer, the guest house appeared in full view.

Pub Street Siem Reap Resort

The dense foliage that grew at the entrance offered us a cool shaded pathway as we walked towards the guest house and then up the stairs. What’s pleasing is the two ruby colored matted chairs of low height that stood on both sides of the entrance, offering travelers a place to sit down and rest after a long journey.

And oh what charming hosts and the staff to have accompanied us to our rooms! One thing I was sure of as I was ushered to my room, this ain’t one of those ordinary Siem Reap Hotels that I have seen.

Hotel Village Manor: The Inside Story

1. Warmth and Welcoming Hospitality

Let me tell you something about the hosts of this guest house. As we walked in through the door, we were greeted by the beautiful – Mr Dale and Mrs Len.

Sunset River Village Manor

Dale is a British ex-pat and Len is a Cambodian with very good English skills. They are full of hospitality and will always come to your aid whenever needed. If you are clueless about how to spend your day in Guest House Siem Reap, then ask Mr Dale, for he can tell you which places are the best to visit.

2. Comfortable Rooms

The guest house could accommodate 10 spacious ensuite rooms. You can choose from the regular rooms or decide to go for the Luxury King Suite too. Both are available for stay.

Each of these rooms are accommodated with ensuite bathroom, cable television, individual air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, new 32” flat screen and complimentary full breakfast.

River Village Manor Guesthouse

The guest house is also famous for being a very well preserved place in Siem Reap. The furniture of the place are beautifully engraved with Khmer features that have been well maintained over the years.

Unlike other hotels, the guests here seem to be very satisfied with the cleanliness for they always talk about the constant cleaning and cleaning of the floor. From what it seems, the lodgers had nothing to complain about the mosquito bites. That’s because they even had good systems to keep mosquitoes at bay.

For example, they used lemongrass oil in the halls. It keeps the mosquitoes away and fills up the place with amazing smell. The rooms are also frequently sprayed with mosquito repellants by the staff. Other than that, you need not worry about the temperature because the hotel rooms come with air conditioned services.

3. Comfortable Ambience

It’s one of the most comfortable place to lodge. The lodgers appear to be very satisfied with the accommodations like the ensuite bathroom, cable television, individual air conditioning, free wi-fi and complimentary full breakfast.

River Village Manor

What you will love is the delicious food that the place serves. They served with fully loaded fresh ingredients that will make your stay all the more worthwhile.

4. Luxury and Convenience

Do not forget to take a dive into the salt water swimming pool or stretch down somewhere near it. It’s one of those most comforting hours that you would hate to miss.

Want to take a tour round the Siem Reap? You can always borrow a tuk tuk that would be driven by the guest house personal driver or you can also borrow a bicycle that are always available for tourists to take a ride. Or you can always look up for me, if you ever fancy a town detour ride on my back. I had experienced the best of nature and human hospitality here at Cambodia. And there’s nothing more like it.

Experience Something Unforgettable

Looking for a place with some unforgettable memories to cherish? Then pack your bags and come to River Village Manor. I hope I could provide you with a little bit of information. I wish I could have helped more. But if you need to know the place more, then visit the website and book a room in advance today! For reviews, follow the Trip Advisor page. Happy Booking, Neigh!

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