Why Travel? 7 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

What is it about travelling that you like so much? For me, it has always been about visiting the high passes, experience every curve of the mountains, exploring the rugged unknown terrain that seems so mystical faraway.And there is a lot left to explore.

Not just nature, traveling is a wonderful way to explore diverse culture, tradition, historical background of a place. And most important of all, it about exploring yourself in a brand new way, to learn something about who you are as a human being. So why miss the opportunity? Pack your bags, tie your shoe laces, for it’s time to explore something new and to reap out the benefits of a good traveling experience. Here is the blog post about travelling benefits

1. Finding a New Purpose

In one of my earlier videos on Sandakphu, I had explained why it is necessary to enjoy the process of doing something than to expect the result. That is what travelling is all about. It’s about finding a new purpose and direction in life.

Trust me friends! If every feel stuck or don’t know what to do in your educational or career path, just get a trip! It’ll refresh your brain and you will return home to find yourself more lively and full of fresh ideas.

2. Learn New Things

Travelling to new places will bring you close to the inhabitants of that region, their culture, lifestyle and more. You can even get to learn a new language. But best of all, you get to meet new people with whom you need to communicate in different manners. It could be when you are trying to seek a direction to some restaurant or the price of something that you want to purchase.

3. Broaden Your Horizon

Meeting new people will give shape to a new dimension in the way you see life. You cannot travel with a narrow mind full of prejudice and bigotry. It’s going to be fatal if you ever do so. That’s because prejudices and narrow mindedness will never apply when you are meeting new places and new people.

4. Make New Friends

Traveling is that one awesome journey where you don’t just get to meet new people. It’s also about meeting new friends. Some of them you would be glad to have come across.

5. Have You Experienced Something New?

Like spending the night at a backpacker’s hostel. For some travelers just like me, the concept of a backpacker’s hotel is very new to me. So this is something that I am looking forward to experiencing the next time I travel.

6. Create Album of Lifetime Memories

Traveling lets you create memories that you are going to keep with you even after returning home. You can later share them with your kids or friends or maybe you would like to dive into and feel refreshed whenever you feel bored and have nothing else to do in your free time.

7. Boost Your Confidence

Traveling helps to boost your confidence. You face real life situations where you would need to act spontaneously. Hence, you develop the ability to cope up with crisis or obstacles better than before.


There are lots of other benefits that comes with traveling. These are only a few mentioned by me. Maybe you will find out more. So what are you waiting for? Time to get on your feet and plan your next destination visit. Where are you heading to?

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