This Spiti Solo Girl Hyperlapse Video Will Definitely Inspire Every Solo Traveler

Whenever I close my eyes, I can see snow capped mountains around me. I always want to visit high passes, valleys and experience every curve of it. This was a reason why I always want a life partner who can understand my passion, love to travel and a nature lover. Guess what! I’ve found someone like this. Meet my wife, Tina. We are traveling together since 2013.

Recently we went to Kinnaur and Spiti Valley. I had a plan to make a hyperlapse video, but didn’t have the concept in my mind that time. I was filming vlog randomly on my wife along with the hyperlapse photography. The outcome was very good. So I thought to make something inspiring.

Solo Girl Spiti Valley Hyperlapse

I think in this video the girl is representing all the other girls who want to travel solo. As it’s a dream for most of the girls to explore new places, mountains and want to live in the nature, but still confused whether they leave or not, thinking about the consequences, they are afraid about the solo travel but they have full desire to go. This video can inspire them to go and travel by their own, like we say just go solo.

Where and How I made this Video?

This video is technically a Hyperlapse photography along with some video footages. I believe this is the first time anyone attempt a hyperlapse video in Spiti Valley and Kinnaur. This hyperlapse has been made with over 1000 images. I have taken hyperlapse photos and vlogs in Chitkul Village, Kalpa, Nako Village, Mudh, Tabo, Komic Village.

I hope you guys like it and get inspiration to travel more or solo.

If you want to know more about our Spiti tour plan and regarding the video, please do comment below and I would love to reply back.

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