You going on a trip with your friends or on a family trip this weekend or it’s your honeymoon or a random walk to find yourself. Photographs are the most important things to complete your journey or you can to complete story of your journey. Photographs help you to remember your fun days again and to tees your friends, what they have missed by not going with you on this trip. The most important you can share the moment you lived on this trip with the peoples you love most which include your friends, family your Instagram follower or anybody who take a part of your life no matter from which country they belong or language the use to talk, because photographs have a universal language and this called emotions.

To capture all these emotions in your photos the most important this you need to know and I will tell you in this blog is

How to make your travel photos awesome

  1. Take a long breath and close your eyes and say hi to your camera
  2. Choose Angle with the best Light
  3. Read your camera manual sincerely
  4. Give Time for your click
  5. Try to create A frame with the location and people
  6. Make a control on your shutter speed
  7. Having a sense of lens
  8. Hold your camera properly
  9. Inspire from all your / other’s work
  10. Pic a best camera for you
  11. A little bit post-processing

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”— Anonymous

You can find more details here.

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