Looking for places to go glamping this weekend? In this article, we bring you a list of top names of places suitable for travelers who want to go glamping about. But first, what is glamping? Now there are many who would not have any clue what glamping is all about. That’s why, let’s begin with what is glamping and where to head next if you want to experience it.

What is Glamping?

Glamping has popped up as an emerging trend in today’s time. The very term comes from the merging of glamour and camping – two contradictory words on which the tourism industry is trying to capitalize on. The reason behind this is over the last few months there has been a growing demand among tourists who want to experience the positive aspects of camping leaving the uncomfortable part aside.

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At glamping, the camping experience far exceeds a recreational camping experience. That means, you don’t need to pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag or walk long distances in search of a washroom. You will have everything set up for you. If you don’t like tents, fine, you can choose from other options like hut, villa, treehouse, pod, etc.

Travelers do not have to worry about sacrificing the comfort part at all. And with that, let’s now take you through a list of names of some of the wellness weekend retreats where you experience glamping at an ultimate level

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#1. Powys, 1 Eco Retreats

It stretches across a 1,300-acre organic farm in the Dyfi forest. The accommodation will consist of tipis, yurt, meadows and the oak wood. You will get direct access to double beds, spring water shower, outside toilet and others. Besides, guests can also enjoy complimentary healing sessions, meditation session and tickets.

#2. Inner Hebrides, 3 Canna Camping Holidays

Experience glamping from the bell tent that comes with accomodations like a wood burning stove, solar lighting, sleep accommodations, shower, and more. The perks of glamping here is that the island is a home to wildlife species like puffins, sea eagles, minke whales, dophins and basking sharks.

#3. Algarve, 5 Eco-Lodge Brajeira

This is situated right at the heart of the Algarve, in the town of the Silves. Campers can get to choose between a Mongolian yurt and a converted German fire truck.

Lodgers will get a separate shower and compost toilet facilities. You can spend your time exploring the nearby beaches or set yourself on a new trekking mode on the Algarviana hiking and mountain biking track.

#4. Vaud, 4 Mongolian Yurts

The yurts here are located among edelweiss meadows, situated on the summit of the Rochers-de-Naye. The place is reachable via a scenic cog train. The yurts here are fully insulated and are decked outside with authentic furnishings year round. You can watch the sunset over the Lake Geneva or warm your cockles with a Mongolian fondue at a cliff face restaurant Plein Roc.


Experience a new kind of travel with glamping. The trend has increased over the last few months, with special emphasis on offering guests with complete comfort. Today it is one of the most popular searched travel trend. It’s time to experience traveling in a new way.

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