Kolan Wipes for travelling

When it comes to personal hygiene, nothing beats Kolan Biodegradable Bath Wipes. Traveling is always very exciting. However, there are times when your journey to new places may turn out to be very uncomfortable and painful.

Why Biodegradable Wipes When You Travel Outside

  • A Hygienic Care Where Water is Scarce

Like for instance, water is very scarce around the place where you are traveling? Bathing is something that you absolutely cannot compromise? You need to wash your hands but water…ah that’s an issue out there. And could be other reasons as well and that is why carry traveling wipes is a recommended travel accessory for many.

Again…wipes are not just carried by hygiene conscious souls. When I took a short beach trek from Kumta to Gokarna, I had to use a lot of wipes. Getting dirty with mud and dust is a common affair when you are out traveling. You cannot be all cleanly saint. Coming back to the beach trek that I had taken, it was a 20 km long hike between the two towns located in the Uttara Kannada district.

If you are planning to check out about the trip, you should know that the entire 20 km stretch trek will take you across 15 beaches enroute. It’s one of the beach treks where you get to walk through hilly terrains, rocky inaccessible roads, nature, and other scenic beauties that are all interesting and worthwhile

In short, this trek is every photographer’s dream come true. Though walking along this entire stretch sounds very easy, it demands some amount of endurance and physical fitness.

Coming Back to Wipes…Because that’s What We began talking here Right?

  • An Essential First Aid to Dehydration and Refreshment

Dehydration is a common thing that you would be getting to face, so make sure that you carry a bottle of water and some biodegradable wipes in your bag.

You would be also needing it when you are stopping over to take breaks and getting yourself refreshed. A simple wipe can work wonders. It not just removes the dirt, but also wipes away the stress that comes along the journey, making you feel refreshed leaving off a soothing smell of flowery fragrance that you often get to smell after a good shower.

Another thing that about these biodegradable wipes is that they are very hygienic and might often turn out to be useful incase of accidents like small cuts. That reminds me of first aids. Do remember to carry a small first aid kit along. Accidents can always happen. No matter how major or minor they are, first aid kits are always handy.

  • Super Duper Nature Friendly

When you carry biodegradable wipes, you are also super conscious about your responsibility towards Mother Nature. Ordinary wipes might look the same. However, when you carry biodegradable wipes, you are assured that you won’t be littering things behind and participate in polluting the environment.

These biodegradable wet napkins are so traveler friendly that you will not even feel like you are carrying one in your bag. That’s because each packet of wet napkin contains 10 lightweight skin-friendly wipes enriched with 100 percent natural cellulose.

Cleanliness is next to a Healthy Friendly Open Mind. Get a Free Kolan pack on Your First Order

Something that a traveler should always choose to have or gain after each travel. Traveling somewhere? Order a packet of Kolan wipes today and get a free wet wipes pack on your first order. Use the coupon code “GETKOLAN” when you visit the Kolan Indian Website.

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