5 Restaurants in Kolkata You Should Visit on Durga Puja

Kolkata, which is known as the City of Joy, is the heart of the Bengalis. And, one gets to find the pure culture and the tradition of the Bengalis here in Kolkata.

The major festival of the Bengalis is Durga Puja & this year 2014 it is knocking our doors. People all across Bengal and especially Kolkata celebrate this festival with great pomp and show.

Bengalis wait for the whole one year for this festival. Purchasing new dress, meeting old pals, exchanging gifts, reuniting with families and eating out are the major attractions of this festival.


As it is known, Bengalis love to eat different varieties of food. During the Pujas, people search for the best restaurants to enjoy eating with friends and families. There are many good restaurants available in Kolkata, which provide a high quality and variety of food items. Let’s discuss about some of the top restaurants in Kolkata, which provide tasty and hygienic foods for you during the occasion of Durga Puja.

#1. Hatari


Hatari is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata. It is located in Rash Behari Avenue, near Deshapriya Park in Kolkata. This restaurant is situated on the 1st floor. It provides a variety of dishes, which include beverages, floats, mocktails, veg, non-veg, snacks etc. North Indian, Chinese and sea dishes are the major attractions of this restaurant. One can get the idea about the quality of the restaurant and the price of the food items perfectly by observing the long waiting queue just outside the restaurant. Come to Hatari and enjoy eating out here.

Check out their food menu, reviews & ratings here – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/hatari-desapriya-park

#2. Bhojohori Manna


It is a very popular restaurant located all across Kolkata. It offers delicious Bengali dishes to the guests and has its outlets in various parts of the city. One outlet is at Ekdalia road, Gariahat, Kolkata. This restaurant is in the ground floor. Though, the dining space is not that big, but the quality and hygiene of the food coupled with the service provided by the people of Bhojohori Manna are commendable. The price is quite rational and if you love to have Bengali items during the Pujas, Bhojohori Manna is just the best choice.

Check out Bhojohori Manna food menu, reviews & ratings here – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/bhojohori-manna-1-gariahat

#3. Shiraz Golden


Shiraz is yet another place in Kolkata, which attracts food lovers from all across the city. It is known for serving delicious Biriyani to its guests. There are many outlets of this restaurant in various parts of Kolkata. But, you can visit this restaurant at 135, Park Street Area in Kolkata. This outlet of Shiraz is its main branch and is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata. It has a wonderful ambience with a large dining area. You can enjoy the quick and good service. Also, the price is quite reasonable. Biriyani, Mughlai and North Indian foods are the specialties of this restaurant.

Check out Shiraz Golden food menu, reviews & ratings here – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/shiraz-golden-restaurant-park-street-area

#4. Mainland China


If you love eating pure Chinese dishes, then Mainland China is the recommended restaurant for you. This restaurant also has a number of outlets across the city. But, you can visit the outlet at 3rd floor, Silver Arcade, EM Bypass, Near Science City Area in Kolkata. The area is quite large, comfortable and well decorated. The ambiance is superb and guests enjoy dining in this restaurant. The price is a bit high but the service is amazing and you can obviously enjoy eating out during the Pujas in this restaurant.

Find out their food menu, reviews & ratings here – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/mainland-china-science-city-area

#5. Peter Cat


This is yet a restaurant, where you do not have to stand in the queue and instead get your table quickly. Peter Cat is located in Park Street in Kolkata. The restaurant offers large area to its guests to dine comfortably. The food quality is really lip smacking, fresh and awesome. The price is little high as compared to other restaurants. But, if you want to have the best tastes of your food, then this is the right place for you. Continental and North Indian foods are the specialties of this restaurant.

Peter Cat food menu, reviews & ratings – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/peter-cat-park-street-area

Put out the regular food of your mind during the Pujas and visit some of the awesome restaurants in Kolkata. Enjoy the tasty, fresh, lip smacking and awesome foods with your friends and family over there and make this festive occasion memorable.

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