5 Haunted Campuses That’ll Give You The Chills

College days can be scary, if not for 50 papers per semesters but for the ghosts and ghouls sneaking at your bedside, looking down at you while you are deep into sleep.

Haunted houses are common but did you ever give a thought to the fact that the buildings and halls of your college or university may be haunted?

Here are top 5 famous haunted campuses that will give you the chills:



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The founding date of this world famous university is unknown. Historians have informed that teaching at the university has been going on, well before 1096. So it’s very likely to have hundreds of spirits crawling about the campus. The famous headless ghost, King Charles I, reportedly haunts the Christ Church College, sometimes with his head intact and other times without it. The twin sons of the Bishop of Liverpool haunt several of the buildings while a student who had hung himself to death, haunts the staircase of St Edmund Hall. Some of the other lost souls are that of an army officer, who was shot for treason on the campus ground, a Catholic ghost priest seen moping the front quad of the University College and the ghost of a clergyman who practically resides in Queen’s College during night-time. The sheer number of ghost sightings at the Oxford University can make a top 50 list of its own.



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Ohio University is notoriously known as one of the most haunted place in the world. It has the insanely creepy reputation of having an entire ghost basket ball team. Every building in the campus has a ghost hiding in its darkest corner. Wilson Hall, stands out among the lot and was even featured in the television series called ‘Scariest Places on Earth’. One of the most interesting rumours is that of a female student used to practise satanic rituals and died horribly in one of the hostel rooms. And that following her death, not a single student was able to live in that room due to unrecognizable strange voices, windows opening and shutting on their own account and ghostly figures seen hovering here and there. This forced the authorities to seal up the room. Wilson Hall, they say is located right at the middle of five ancient cemeteries.



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Deemed as one of the most popular universities in Asia, Peking University is known to be a victim of mass haunting. In 1989, the university had witnessed mass slaughter of students who had been protesting against the mistreatment of the late Communist Party General Secretary, Hu Yaobang, whom the students looked up to for voicing their grievances against corruption, inflation and limited career prospects. Thousands of students demonstrating peacefully at the Tiananmen Square were gunned down by the army. Some of the soldiers and a few civilians were also wounded or killed. Ghost of these enraged souls are said to haunt the square on the campus ground. Some nights, the streets and walkways come alive with mysterious human figures, angry shouts and eerie smells.



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The very name will involuntarily tells us that the haunting is a result of the darkest day in recent human history. On 9th August 1945, the US, in a revengeful wrath shelled Nagasaki with atom bombs that robbed the lives of thousands of people and the generation after. More than 800 students and professors of the Medical College were killed in the blink of an eye. An estimated 70,000 citizen lost their lives who later came back from their afterlives to walk the city where their dear ones still lived. In some significant areas of Nagasaki – the University campus being one of them – ghosts are seen drifting in the air, yell, cries and weepings are heard coming out of nowhere. And the smell of burning human flesh are commonly reported in and around the University campus.



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The University was founded in 1386 but the haunting mainly began following Hitler’s regime. At the university clinic several women were made to go through forced sterilization as a part of the Nazi eugenic movement. After nightfall, those women are said to haunt the clinic where loud weeping are heard. In the year 1933 at the University square, innumerable books were burned under Hitler’s order. During the anniversary of the book burning ceremony pedestrians walking along the square can smell smoke and burning leather. And of course the university has had its share of the horrors of holocaust when two Jewish professors were packed off to extermination camps. Often the blackboards in the lecture halls were the two Jewish professors taught gets self-erased or have words appearing on them mysteriously. Creepy enough, right?

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