Ladakh is one of the greatest places on earth where you can see most of parts of greater Himalayans. The beauty of the mountains, roads and lakes will not only amazed you but also bound you to return back to there again and again. You can find unlimited variation of mountains out there. It is a great place of adventures, trekking and photography.

I just returned back from Ladakh trip 2 months ago and it was my one of the greatest memorable vacations. I have captured some of the beautiful landscape photographs out there. You can find those on my Facebook page album.

I have also captured some of the greatest roads of Ladakh and I am pretty sure, after seeing these road photos you will definitely plan for a Ladakh tour.

As I also love local people photography, I made the album for Ladakh Portrait photos.

You can find all my Ladakh albums here –

Now regarding the timelapse, it was my dream project and behalf of Top Five Buzz I want to feature this timelapse over the web. So I’ve done it. I have taken over 7000 photos and 5000 photos among those I used for timelapse photography.

It took almost 40 days to complete the whole process, editing photos to creating video.

So, here it is, do share if you like it.

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