Why Trek to Sandakphu? This Stunning Video Explains All

If you are a mountain lover, you will never miss out the Sandakhphu Trek from your list.

Sandakphu stands tall as the highest peak in West Bengal, offering travelers the grand view of some of the world’s tallest peaks namely Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, and the Sleeping Buddha, all stretching in one straight line.

But Sandakphu is more than just a trail of mountains accompanying you at every corner you turn. There is more to explore.

Before you watch the Sandakphu Trek video

Here are some exciting highlights that you will discover as you begin the journey. What are they? Let’s find out –

#1. A Walk Where You Know no Boundaries

The route takes you along the borders of India and Nepal. So during the trek, travelers would constantly find themselves moving in and out the course of Nepal.

Ofcourse, the mighty mountains know no boundaries and hence, it would be wrong to say that the Sandakphu trail takes you through India and Nepal but also through Bhutan and other nations.

#2. A Glimpse of the Sleeping Buddha

You get to have a glimpse of the Sleeping Buddha on the first day of your journey. The entire journey will take you through dense forest sections that barely allow the sun rays to kiss the floor.

Beware for the forest can fool you into believing that it is already evening even when the sun shines brightly on top of your heads. You might get a little sneak peak of the Sleeping Buddha during your trail through this dense forest but as you hit the open meadows, out comes the Sleeping Buddha looking serene to the eyes that behold it at first glimpse.

But the Sleeping Buddha will continue to play hide and seek with you and this glimpse game will only be over once you reach Tumling, where travelers will get to enjoy a complete unobstructed view.

#3. A Venture into a World of Floral Beauty

It is also home to over 600 varieties of well-known orchids. Witness the region’s most beautiful sub-alpine flowers like magnolias and rhododendrons as you walk along the trail.

#4. A Trail to Remember for Lifetime

The entire trail will take you as long as six days to reach the destination.  Travelers will need to cover as long as 10 km in a day before they could continue to the next stop. At the end of the sixth day, you will find yourself having traveled as long as 17 km in seven to eight hours.

What’s in the Sandakphu Trek itinerary?

  • Sealdah to NJP by Train
  • NJP to Dhotrey by Car
  • Dhotrey to Tumling by Trekking
  • Tumling to Tonglu by Trekking
  • Tonglu to Kalpokhri by Trekking
  • Kalpokhri to Sandakphu by Trekking

Returning back –

  • Sandakphu to Gurdum
  • Gurdum to Shirikhola
  • Shirikhola to Rimbik
  • Rimbik to NJP via mirik

#5. The Golden View of the Sunset from Sandakphu

Don’t miss out the sensational sunset view from Sandakphu, with the clouds speckling the ground and the sun setting down below you. It’s worth a vision that you would hate to miss out.

Don’t Just Believe in Words! See it for Yourself

Why believe in just words when you can watch this wonderful video by one of our trekkers to Sandakphu, where he narrates his own experiences and why you should not miss out Sandakphu if you love to explore the mountains.

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