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Having a road trip with your wife and kids is one of the enjoyable things to do. But during the road trip, you intend to involve yourself in various activities that may result in spending a lot of money during or after the road trip. Most of the money could be used in the car wash or your mechanic.

The kids may have spill liquid substances on the car carpets and the seats. The liquid spill may result to smell carpet which will have to be taken for cleaning. Also, some plastic bags could get into the wrong places of the car such as the tires and cause the car to have a rotten smell.

Drive Late, Early Or While The Children Sleep

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Driving the car during the end of hours is the best since the kids will just fall asleep and minimize the accidental damage they can cause to your vehicle. Also, when you drive very early in the morning, the kids may fall asleep since they woke up so early in the morning.

While the kids are asleep, you minimize the chances of liquid spills in your car, and also the car remains clean. For those having children who love scratching the car’s windows, driving while the kids are asleep will save your car’s windows from being scratched.

When the kids are asleep while driving, you minimize the chances of spending a lot of cash on your car after the road trip.

Prepare Yourself For One Week Before The Road Trip

Always check your vehicle for any dry rot, or take the car to your mechanic to check if everything is working properly. Also, it is recommended you install new wheel studs for the tires to be properly fastened. Park all the necessary emergency car tools which may play a great role in the case of any car’s shortcomings during the road trip.

In case your car experiences any shortcomings during the road trip, and you do not have the correct tool to use in rectifying the car, you may be forced to take the vehicle to the nearest mechanic, and you may end up paying more than what you had budgeted.

Smart Food

road trip snacks

The cost of food can add up so easily on a road trip. You should first research the restaurants found in the towns you will be visiting or passing by, and look out for the inexpensive delis and cafes to avoid spending more cash on food.

The research will help gather enough information on where to get great and affordable packed breakfast and lunches that will help you save some cash. Carry with you enough snacks to ensure you and your family are not starving before you arrive at your particular destination. Also, take your family to a grocery store and avoid the convenience store since you will end up paying some extra cash while at the convenience store.

The internet has various sites that provide discounted food via an easy download to your mobile phone. These deals are situated around a city; hence, research on the cities you are visiting to see if they have such offers. Also, you can look out for restaurants that provide discounts on particular days.


Always have a saving plan before you begin your road trip. Make sure you have shortlisted the things you required and budgeted of every particular activity you intend to involve your family during the road trip.

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