5 Different Ways Leonardo Dicaprio is Helping the Planet Survive

A recipient of the ‘Global Citizen’s Award’, DiCaprio is not only the wolf of Hollywood but also of saving the world.

It is a known fact that human activities are causing changes in the climate that are proving to be harmful.

DiCaprio lives by the simple truth that if we have caused problems then we will have to find the solutions.


Over the years he has been making various efforts to help the planet survive.


Leonardo Dicaprio

#1. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

To create awareness of our changing climate and to come up with possible solutions to the harmful changes, Leo had established the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’ in 1998. The Foundation addresses humanitarian & environmental issues focusing on disaster reliefs, climate change and conservation. The foundation donates grants, pushes vigorous campaigns on pressing issues and works on media project. The organization especially deals with the following issues: protecting the ocean environment, protecting tigers and saving rainforests. Protecting Antarctica and saving the sharks. They are also working towards providing people with access to clean water.

#2. World Wildlife Fund & Elephant Crisis Fund

Leo is a huge supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is one of the members of the board of directors. The CEO and President of WWF – Carter Roberts – had in praise of DiCaprio said, “We are exhausting our planet’s capabilities to support you and me. Now more than ever, Mother Nature needs a voice. Ladies and gentlemen, Leonardo DiCaprio is that voice.” In addition to WWF, DiCaprio is also involved with Global Green USA, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC).

#3. Ocean Conservation

Leo’s foundation had also provided a grant of $3 million to ‘Oceana’ – the largest international organisation that focuses on the conservation of ocean. Leonardo is a lover of ocean and is in love with diving. At the Our Ocean Conference in 2014, Leo stated, “People who depend on these oceans’ resources for sustenance need to hear that governments are working to create strong systems of accountability for those who are destroying it.”

#4. Documentary Film

The documentary film named ‘The 11th Hour’ has been created, narrated as well as produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film focuses on spreading awareness regarding the current world environmental scenario and also tries to impart the kind of measures we can take to contribute to the cause on a personal level. The 11th Hour was awarded the Earth Watch Environmental Film Award at National Geographic in Washington, DC.

#5. Investment in Hybrid cars, Solar Panels & Eco-Friendly Island Resort

Leo he plans to build an environmental friendly resort in Belize for he has paid $1.5 on purchase. The work is yet to begin. Leo is a great supporter of electric car and has even founded an electric car racing team. He has also invested Fisker Automotive. And his home is fitted with solar panels that save energy without damaging the environment.

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