5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Enrich Vacation

Have you ever been to a place on vacation and upon return, while talking to your friends have found out that you have actually missed out quite a lot.

To make sure that doesn’t happen again…

Follow these 5 different ways of enriching your vacation with Facebook:

1. Join Travelling Groups

The most obvious suggestion but most over-looked one as well. Make us of the social media as much as you can. Search for Facebook pages related to your destination, listen to what other travellers who have already been there has to say about the place. You can also make searches on general travelling groups where people share their passion for travelling. Add all those interesting pages to your Facebook interest list. Here’s how to do it. Go to Home-Interests-Add-Interests. And keep checking on them.

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2. Browse For Local Related Events

GO to your event page and you’d discover not the events that you are invited to but the event taking place nearest to you. There you can even find event hosted by the groups you are in or the pages you follow. Follow this page religiously and you’d surely tumble your way in to some cool travelling event. And even before you board the vehicle to your travel destination, you’ve already began your journey, by meeting new people and filling your mind with new experiences.

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3. Follow Travel-Related Pages & Local Tourism Pages

General travel related pages can come very handy as they are full of useful tips and tricks related to travelling which will help make your journey less stressful and give you more opportunities to enjoy. Find an active local tourism operator page. Throw in any question that comes to your mind, then wait for them to reply. They’ll eventually dish out to you some of awesomest tip you can ever receive.

4. Travel Apps and Facebook

There are loads of applications out there that’ll help you make your journey easier. They’ll help take care of your hotel booking, recommendation of sites, packing lists and a bunch of other things. And the best part is that most of these apps can be connected to your Facebook account. By make the connection, you can get recommendation on which of the function one of your friends had used in the past while travelling. Check out this link to ‘The Worlds 50 Best Travel Apps

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5. Post a Status Update Asking For Tips

As they say, that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Before you head for your destination, do a status update saying, “Hey, I’m headed to……..for a vacation. Any suggestions?” You can ask your friends for some recommended read as well. Before heading off, give some time for your friends to reply, thank them and follow their recommendation.

Now, the only thing left for you to do is take picture our naked sunburned feet and half finished cocktails and post them on FB.

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