5 Fashionable & Trendy Cross Body Bags for Travel

Cross body bags are rocking the floor of the fashion market these days. And it is continuously growing its popularity over the years. The busy and mobile lifestyles of the women have made the cross body bags highly accepted amongst the women across the world. These bags provide extreme style and a freedom of functions and movement.

The bags can be used with any attire. Be it a causal or sporty look or the formal office attire, the cross body bags go with each one of them comfortably. It is a shoulder bag, which can be carried very easily. These are found in a wide range of styles and colors.


Find the Fashionable 5 cross body bags below


#1. Studded Cross Body Bags of Lighter Shades

 Studded Cross Body Bags of Lighter ShadesImage Courtesy: morchu.com/blog

This cross body bag is full of elegance and grace. It looks extremely beautiful and adds to the class and fashion of the individuals. The bags are generally light shaded having blue, pink, lemon or green in color. The bag has the touch of sophistication, fashion and glamor with the added studs on it. The faux leather cross body bags with multi-tone studs are simply amazing. These bags have the straps made of metal and the body is made of either cloth or leather. These cross body bags are extremely fashionable and trendy in appearance.

#2. Cross Body Bags with Animal Prints

 Cross Body Bags with Animal PrintsImage Courtesy: amazon.co.uk

This is yet another cross body bags, which are highly popular in the fashion industry. The mixture of texture and colors of animal prints makes the bags attractive and eye-catching. These are the special cross body bags which provide a fashionable, trendy, glamorous and casual look to the individuality of the individuals. Leopard printed cross body bags form an amazing fashion accessory for women irrespective of ages and complexions. They are available in contrasting colors. The black printed or the golden printed cross body bags are simply the best in the market.

#3. Party Cross Body Bags

 Party Cross Body BagsImage Courtesy: amazon.com

These party bags are sparkling in appearance. These are exclusively carried by the women, who get involved in parties and clubbing often. The bags have amazing shine, sparkle and glitters. It becomes the superb accessory of fashion, which highlights the individual amidst the crowd. It goes very well with a black casual dress or a denim and top. These party cross body bags are the best options to keep the personal belongings safe and secured even while partying. The glittered party bags impart a colorful yet trendy appearance to the individuals to a huge extent.

#4. Brown Cross Body Bags with Classic Style

 Brown Cross Body Bags with Classic StyleImage Coutesy: coachoutletstoreonlinewebinc.com

The brown colored cross body bags are mostly used by the working women. These go beautifully with the formal attire. These also impart a wonderful charisma to the individuality of the working professionals. They look unique and distinguished. The brown color also provides a stylish and classy appearance. This can be taken to work place every day. They are made of leather and have fine finishing. These bags are also available in the shades of beige, black, caramel and other dark colors as well. These bags are absolutely professional in look and elegant in appearance.

#5. Patent Leather Cross Body Bags

 Patent Leather Cross Body BagsImage Courtesy: bagaholicboy.com

The patent leather bags are generally available in bright colors. These bags are most aptly used during the summer and the fall. The bags impart the dynamic characteristic to the individuals. These are made of vibrant colors and are appealing. Orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, red are some of the most popular colors, which are used for these patent leather bags. The bags are generally square in shape. They are usually made of leather. The leather makes the bag look vibrant, trendy and classy. These bags are more popular amongst the college going girls and the teenagers significantly.

The functionality, freedom and the fashion are the top three reasons which make the cross body bags highly popular these days. Grab the best one for you and simply look the best.

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