Know about the Various Types of Travel Accommodation

Once we are finally decided that we will be on a tour for a certain period of time, there comes a lot of important decisions. And, all these decisions are primarily based on the budget, expenses, convenience and travel site.

The most important consideration is the accommodation during the travel – Where will you stay at night? This again depends on the mentality, budget and expenses of the travelers.

If you are too much adventure lover, you may prefer staying in tents and camps, while if you are planning to have a relaxing night, you will opt for hotels and motels.

Types-of-Travel-AccommodatiHere are some of the common types of travel accommodation.

Select the one, which will suit you and your requirements the most.


Well, these are the most common and expensive accommodations. If you are in search for relaxing holiday and you are ready to spend a lot of bucks on your holiday, hotel may be the best option for you. Hotels provide a lot of luxuries for you. You will be provided with a washroom, bed, television and all other required items of your daily use. You can even order your food right from your room. Some hotels also provide laundry service and other facilities as well. Check in for the hotels, if you are in a mood to spend your travel in luxury.


Pension is defined as a hotel with very low budget. It has slight variations, when compared to the hotels. There is one communal bathroom in pensions and only a couple of room. The room tariffs are comparatively less expensive. They generally do not provide access to common room, internet facilities or room service. This is just an accommodation facility, which provides the basic lodging service to the travelers. The pensions can be compared to the dormitory rooms of the hostel. Bachelors or spinsters often prefer staying in the pensions during their travel.

Backpacker Hostels

This type of accommodation is preferred by people of all ages and communities. They are generally budget-friendly types. They are usually clean and have dormitory type rooms. There are approximately 2 to 6 groups of bunks and a communal washroom. Now-a-days, the backpacker hostels have started providing private rooms to the families and the couples. The rates of these private rooms are a bit high. But, they can enjoy the facilities with the feel that they are staying in the hotel. Another important feature is that these hostels provide cooking facilities. This aids in cost cutting in North America and Europe.


Well, campervanning is yet another wonderful option for accommodation for the travelers. This helps to two your place of accommodation on your back with you. This is an extremely affordable way of accommodation if the set up is bought by you. You have absolutely no reason to think about the conveyance problem at all. You have a lot of flexibility, if you are using campervanning as your accommodation. But, there is one major disadvantage of this facility. One needs to carry the caravan anywhere and everywhere during the whole tenure of travel.


Another great travel option for you, if you are an adventure lover is the camping. In case you want to escape the monotony of the regular lives and cacophony of the city life, plan for a camping. You can do this in remote areas as well at your convenience. This provides the best opportunity to stay in the lap of the nature and enjoy adventure to the fullest. The rates are a lot lower. You should carry a bed roll, sleeping bad, gas cooker and a tent with you, if you are going on camping. Enjoy camping, especially in Canada in the winters. This is an awesome experience.

These are the various types of accommodation, which you can avail during your travel. Just select the one as per your choice and budget. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest.


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