Planning to travel to Canada for your next holiday destination? Take a trip to some of these popular tourist destinations on the list.

The second largest country in the world, there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes or spectacular sites in Canada. It is not surprising if you face difficulty trying to decide where you would spend your next vacation. But with a list in hand, deciding has become easier than before.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your eTA Canada visa and your bag. For its time to take a tour across the land’s most breathtaking places you will ever come across.

Here’s a list of all the places to visit when you travel to Canada –

#1 – The Niagara Falls

niagara falls

With the river plummeting at a jaw dropping 170 foot and 69 miles per hour, the Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. Every year, millions of tourists visit this place.

It is just an hour’s drive from Toronto and runs along the American border and tourists can get to enjoy the spectacular view of the Niagara from a very close distance, right at the edge of the top where they stand.

Apart from being a popular tourist place, the Niagara is also known for being a dare devil’s destination that had inspired many such as tightrope walkers, boatmen and many others to make numerous attempts over the falls.

In addition to the spectacular sight of the waterfall, the place is also known for its popular attractions like wineries, museums and casinos.

#2 – The CN Tower

CN Tower canada

The CN Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in Canada. It is one of the tallest architecture in the world and is about 553 meters high. In addition to this, the CN Tower is also popular for its panoramic 360 degree view, overlooking the city and the lake. At night, the tower is lit with decorative colors.

#3 – Ottawa Parliament Hill

Ottawa Parliament Hill

The Ottawa Parliament Hill is best known for the New Gothic style Parliament buildings. There is a Centennial Flame that commemorates the beginning of Canadian Confederation. But the greatest feature is the Peace Tower that divides the Senate from the House of Commons.

#4 –The Banff

The Banff

The place sits amidst the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, which are visited by luxury seekers and nature enthusiasts every year. Travelers can also visit the Banff National Park, which is Canada’s first National Park or ski down the Mount Norquay.

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There are many other adventure sports and exciting activities that the place has to offer to travelers. It also includes –

  • The hike to the massive limestone pillars that are called the Hondoos
  • The bike along the Healy Creak
  • The Scramble along the Mount Norquayand more

The Banff is one such place full of exciting sports and activities. Nevertheless, it is place where at the end of the day travelers will always prefer to retreat to a cozy evening and not rough it out at the campgrounds.

#5 – The Whistler

The Whistler

The place is popular as a winter sport area famous for skiing, dining and hotels. Though ideal for sport enthusiasts, the place alsooffers a lot of outdoor recreational activities and mountain scenery for people generally planning to visit with your family and friends.

Recently, the Whistler has also developed as a popular summer destination with people participating in adventure sports like mountain biking and golf.

#6 – Victoria’s Inner Harbour

There are very few cities in Canada as the waterfront area of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. At the centerpiece of the area, lies the historic Empress Hotel, which is one of the loveliest architectural creations to be seen around the city. The place is very popular all year round with people strolling, shopping, relaxing, dining, etc. And it grows particularly lively during the summer months.

Ready for Your Next Vacation

Canada is a land full of exciting adventure and fascinating places. There is no dearth of choice when you talk about holiday destinations. Our above list prove so. Now that you have got the list of a few popular names, where to head next?

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