5 Reasons to Visit South Africa

South Africa the Country of Wild animals, we all know about the jungle safari, right!? South Africa is one of the places where you can enjoy some of the World’s best jungle safaris and also some of the greatest landmarks like caves, canyons, rivers and beaches.

Here is the list of 5 reasons to visit South Africa 

1. Kruger National Park

The area is considered a true Heaven for South African hunters and gatherers, Kruger National Park has today become one of the world’s largest and most famous natural reservation. With an area of 18,989 square kilometers, the park has a length of 360 kilometers from north to south and 64 kilometers from east to west. An enormous and captivating stretch where tourists can fully enjoy the spectacle of wildlife. Besides, one of the best-known videos ever posted on You Tube, Battle at Kruger, was recorded in this national park.

No less than 6 ecosystems are found in the reservation, where there are 1982 plant species, 517 species of birds, 147 mammalian species (including the 5 African Ursians: lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and African buffalo ) and 114 species of reptiles, including 3000 crocodiles. Also in Kruger there are 350 African wild dogs, of which there are less than 400 specimens in South Africa. The park owns a huge “elephant family”, about 12,000 species, despite the fact that the reservation can support only 8,000 such mammals.

The Kruger National Park is also one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, with 21 recreational camps and 15 safari huts.

2. Sudwala Caves

Situated in Mpumalanga province in South East Africa, Sudwala Caves are considered to be the world’s oldest caves, over 240 million years old. In fact, the rocks walls of the grotto date back to Precambrian, being formed 3.8 billion years ago. The caves have been used as shelter since the dawn of mankind, and because of the constant source of clean air that exists in these underground rooms. In modern times, the Sudwala Caves were rediscovered in the nineteenth century by Somquba, the son of King Sobhuza I (1780-1839), when he sought refuge in his brother’s army, Mswati II.

The Swazi tribe warriors have found a permanent place in the South African caves. Also in Sudwala it is said that the treasurer of President Paul Kruger, a symbol of the brute resistance in front of the British, estimated at more than $ 1 billion gold, was hidden.

3. Blyde River Canyon

It is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world and, at the same time, it is the third largest canyon of the Earth after the Great Canyon in the US and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. It is, instead, the only “green” canyon of the planet.

60 kilometers of wildlife, waterfalls, unique geological formations, nearly 40 kilometers of caves and caverns, all spiced with expeditions organized by authorities, expeditions in which you can try your luck in fishing, where you can choose to climb the tallest the top of the canyon, Mariepskop (1944 meters), where you can adventure including cycling trips, and in which you can see, naturally, some of the largest crocodiles and hippopotamuses on the Black continent.

4. Garden Route

Garden Route, one of the most spectacular images of South African nature, is a sample of what a trip to Africa’s southernmost country can offer. Formed at the intersection of the Indian Ocean with the Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua Mountains, Garden Route is, without a doubt, proof of beauty created by nature.

Indigenous forests, marshes and low-vegetation areas are one of the favorite destinations for saffron lovers. Why? Imagine that only in this area there are 10 natural reservation, each of which includes a different ecosystem, ranging from marine ones, where seals, dolphins and corals abound, and up to those located in the heart of the mountains.

5. The beaches of Durban

Palm trees; golden sand; huge waves, ideal for surfing; or quiet lagoons where you can spend time with family; five star hotels; luxury apartments and one of the largest and richest ports in the world, all in a warm climate all year round, specific to the Indian Ocean … these are the ingredients that made the beaches of Durban one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in South Africa.

Durban, the port located by specialists in the top 10 of the world, is a true paradise for tourists eager to relax on an exotic beach. Coral reefs and thousands of fish species that impose these natural barriers constitute, if needed, an additional reason for scuba diving and snorkelling to spend their holidays in South Africa.

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