5 Reasons Why Kolkata is the Best Place To Live in India

Kolkata, the city of joy has much more to give you than just joy if you are ever planning to settle down here. What are the first things that come to your mind when you talk about Kolkata?- KKR? Mach bhaat? Roshogolla?

Well here are 5 other reasons why you could actually think about settling here:

#1. Heaven for Foodies

If you are a connoisseur, when it comes to pleasing your taste buds, Kolkata is a city that should be topping your list. It has the best of all cuisines, from Oriental, to Mughlai to Italian, and of course a wide range of Bengali sweat meat shops. Eat to your content!

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#2. Cheap and Affordable

If you compare Kolkata to cities like Bangalore or Delhi, life here does not involve big expenditures unless you live very lavishly! Traveling is quite cheap too! Autos and buses charge you a maximum of Rs 10 per head, and the metro is cheaper here when compared to the other Metropolitan cities.

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#3. Intellectual Powerhouse

Kolkata is the home to some of the best libraries like the National Library, which is the largest library in India. It also has College Street where you could find any book in the world. There is a general belief that a book, which cannot be found in College Street, probably does not exist. We also have a lot of intellectual people to boast about, starting from Rabindranath Tagore to Amartya Sen. Our list would be never ending.

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#4. Bengalis are warm and Friendly

Living among Bengalis would always make you feel loved and pampered. Bengali aunties are always kind enough to call you over whenever they weave out magical dishes like luchi-aloordom on Sunday mornings! If you like sports, politics and movies, you fill find many Kakus and Dadas satisfying your enthusiasm, as most Bangalis are heavily opinionated when it comes to Sourav, communism and art films.

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#5. An Ensemble of the New and the Old

Just like any other city, Kolkata is divided into old and new Kolkata. If you are a budding photographer and are searching for inspiration you must visit the old, torn down houses, narrow, dimly lit alleys or overly crowded localities of North Kolkata where you would find a diversity of young and old, rich and poor people from all over the city. However; if you like open spaces, parks and lakes, less people and more of nature, cleaner roads and bungalow houses… hop onto a bus and head straight towards south! If you are a history buff, Kolkata has many fabulous places to offer like Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, the Eden Gardens stadium, the Howrah Bridge, the Park Street Cemetery. Each of these places have a lot of historical value attached to them.

So, if you are tired of the sambhar idli, or the rajma chawal or even the extreme climates of the north and south, Kolkata is the place for you.

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