Salute To Them! 5 Nepal Earthquake Disaster Miracles Made Possible By Rescue Teams

It all starts with a crack,

When you realize the ground beneath your feet is moving apart

It all starts with a crack,

When you realize the place you had always thought the safest was never so

It all starts with a crack,

When you realize you were never safe anywhere

But then…

It will start with that one crack,

When you are the ultimate decision maker of your next move

What has been your move when the cracks opened wide apart, to gush out thousand sorrows across Nepal like a fountain of misery that shook the nation at a magnitude of 7.8? No this is not a crack you can mend, for the cost of the total number of lives lost and the destruction met is wider and vast than what you had thought at first. The pitch of a mourner’s cry is higher than the crow of a cock at the break of dawn now. Can you hear it? No, you cannot, unless you are there right now. But can you feel it? I hope you do, as your Facebook page news feed gets flooded with the misery and sorrow flowing live straight from Nepal with an earnest request – Need more help!

Gone are the days, when Nepal was the land of Gods…for now it has become the land of the lost and tumbled down rubbles. However, even though the Almighty is late to shine thy light upon us human race, humanity has not been late this time as nations worldwide come forward united as a team to aid Nepal with their individual rescue teams and forces.

It All Starts with A Crack When Boundaries across Nations Are Removed For One Cause

And this time, it is Nepal; the land where death toll now surpasses more than 5000 as rescue operations make their way to get into the rural areas where difficult terrain and weather conditions make it a challenge for our brave hearts to reach out to the victims who are still trapped.

However, this will not stop the talk of the efforts these men are putting to unearth miracles from beneath the debris that now covers the earthquake-affected areas in Nepal. This is what defines why we must all continue to believe miracles exist and donate whatever little we can contribute to help the victims of the hour. Come, let’s observe May Day not just to celebrate International labors day, but also to stand by the side of the rescuers as they work to bring relief to the worst earthquake affected regions of Nepal. Top Five Buzz pays tribute to all those armed forces, rescue team, boy scouts who are there making miracles happen. Boy! One cannot help but salute Nepal army Lt. Col. A. J. Thapa’s words, who was reported saying – “This is not the time to rest and lament,…This is the time to go out and save lives.”

Every Dark Cloud Will Part Open To Make Way for the Miracle Sunshine

5 Miracles Unearthed From Beneath The Earthquake Struck Nepal Debris

#1 – The Rescue of 4-Month-Old Baby after 22 Hours

Nepal Earthquake Baby RescueImage Source

While he might be the youngest survivor of the Nepal earthquake tragedy, the rescue of 4 months old baby Sonit in the hands of the Nepalese Army comes as a ray of hope amidst so much sorrow. Trapped for nearly 22 hours under the rubble and the debris, Sonit was finally scrabbled out from beneath by the Nepalese Army on Sunday morning, after his father reported to hear traces of faint cries from beneath.

#2 – The Rescue of 27 Years Old Man after 82 Hours

Nepal Earthquake - 27 year old's rescue after 82 hoursImage Source

Experts describe his survival as unusual and doctors feel it is probably for his sheer will power that had helped him to survive even after being trapped for a staggering 82 hours. He owes his rescue to the French team of search and rescue experts, who had sought the help of a specialized gear to detect any signs of life around. However, it took them another 10 hours before the French team together with the Nepalese Police Officers could haul him out from beneath the pile of rubble and debris.

#3 – The Rescue of a 40-Years-Old Woman after 36 Hours

nepal earthquake - tanka mayaImage Source

If confidence can work out to find out a way to a miracle, then here is a woman who lay beneath the rubble for 36 hours fully confident that someone would come to her rescue. And who were her rescuers this time? None other than our Indian rescue team. 40 years old and a mother of four, Tanka Maya Sitoula was in her five-storey apartment when the earthquake shook the entire building down. After 36 long hours of enduring the trap underneath the rubble, Tanka finally emerged uninjured and reunited with her husband and children.

#4 – The Rescue of Jon Keisi after 60 Hours

Nepal Earthquake - JonImage Source

This man, Jon Keisi, was trapped under seven storey building wreckage for more than 60 hours, before the Turkish rescue team could lift him out to safety. The rescue operation was tough, since the experts had to carve out a deep tunnel before they could finally reach him. Keisi emerged completely dehydrated and injured, but rescue workers are confident that he would survive the quake and the trauma. We send out best wishes to Keisi and hope he recovers fast.

#5 – The Rescue of 15 Years Old Teenage Boy after 5 Days

Nepal earthquake - 15 year old teen rescueImage Source

The rescue of this 15 years old teenager, who lay trapped for 5 days beneath the rubble will make you believe why its worth taking the risk if you want to see a miracle. For five days, he lay down trapped and pan caked between the floors, where twisted steel rods prevented the slabs from crashing down on him. “He survived by good faith”, is what Police Officer L.B. Basnet feels. But, be it a risky and dangerous affair, Andrew Olvera ( a USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team member) is always ready to step forward to the rescue as he says, “…To save a human life, we’ll risk almost anything.”

Death has its final laugh upon us all. Nevertheless, sometimes a miracle is all we need to fight out our own fate and emerge triumphant. What’s more miraculous than to watch the entire nation come together to refuse death have it’s tragic toll on humanity.

Donate to make a miracle happen now!

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